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426kg (939lbs) Deadlift!


Not mine, obviously:


Anyone know this guy? Is this really a world record?

And it even seemed to me he could have lifted a few kg more too. :slight_smile:


Dude if its not lifted in a meet, its not a world record. and btw thats Benni.


yea dude, thats old, theres another thread titled 440 kg deadlift and its by the same guy, which is the current world record. hes 22 and he deadlifts 970.


That was posted here a few weeks ago I think, it looks like Benedikt Magnusson and he just recently hit 970 in a meet, so that I believe is the new world record. He is pretty amazing


I haven't been keeping tabs much lately (too much work!) so I must've missed it.

He sure is amazing. And he's 22???? Makes you wonder what he'll be lifting when he's 30.

BTW, does he do that little motivational dance at the meets too? :slight_smile:


He warms up with 280kg???

I'd be happy to do that for my max!