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$426k in Supps?


According to the Top 500 buyer summary, "these are individuals, not stores or groups." So how the hell does one person rack up $426,027.70 in purchases?


What can I say? I love chocolate Metabolic Drive.


I gotta say, the last time I looked at the Top 500, U don't remember the number one being in that range.

Maybe something is off. Or they raided the warehouse.


That would be one delicious chunk of change.


Now we know where the 11-T went.


the # is wrong.

last I checked the highest was $5x,xxx or so.

I'm at level 0 right now, but am a level 4


My guess is that individual is buying in volume for many people.


Well there's a few people on this site who are level 4 Biotest customers and and have been here just ove ror under a year.
Doesn't it itake something like $20,000 worth of purchases to get to level 4...?


Just over $8,064.00 will make you level 5


my order history is missing at least half of the orders i've placed.

what's the point of the level system in the first place if it's never accurate?


Okay, not as bad as I thought but still a shit load of money just to be spending on supps.


I'm in the same boat you are. I asked one of the mods and they said the techs are reformatting the level system so levels/purchases may fluctuate. It kid of sucks because with less than half my orders I am ranked at like 11,000 (level 3). If my other orders were there I would probably be a level 4. But overall, levels don't mean anything other than the fact that we buy a lot of Biotest products.


^solid gold



I wish they'd give discounts of a certain amount to each level. That'd be sweet.


Word. I'm sure in this post, I'll be listed as a Level 0, however a month ago I was a level 3. A large part of my paycheck goes to Biotest about once a month.


I think you need to spend that much on supps to be able to do what the guy in your avatar is doing.



"Top 500" is something that is recalculated regularly, so # 500 won't necessarily be at a specific dollar amount (the borderline, I mean) but simply surpasses person # 501.


Nothing but Receptor-Max and Alpha Male. I guess some GPC also for some "explosive force."


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