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425 DL Fail - Make Fun of Me About What I Did Wrong

I have a feeling It was because I opened my stance and rushed the setup…

But yall tell me what you think.

… Yes my low back looks rounded, no it isn’t I have fat love handles and my pants are pulled up high.

First thing you did wrong was post this video sideways on the page.

Second thing is…I don’t know. You have great hamstring flexibility as far as I can see. It looks like you shot your head up and just gave up on the pull in fear of something I can’t put my finger on. Maybe worried about injury? It looks like you have 425 in the bag, and relatively easily tbh. Try it again but keep your chin tucked the way you had it before the pull, and stick with it!

You are strong. Give yourself some credit.

hips too high

weight too far forward

and looks like you’re just not strong enough

I agree Its a huge habit I have to tuck the chin and then untuck it, I’ve got to start deadlifting away from the mirror like i squat. And I suck at remembering to edit my videos.

I’ll try to hit it again next week when I’m at my actual gym without octagon plates maybe. I’ll fix my bent ass arm as well before I enter snapcity.

Gee thanks Jarvan, Let me know when you start lifting.

No need to get butt hurt

Lol kid please, you haven’t a clue what you’re even talking about. Go off the BB Misc please.

You just jerked yourself into a pitched foward position so the load ended up on your lower back. Not a big deal. Just keep the arms straight. Good strong pull.

As for making fun of you…

Your shoes look funny. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Thx bud. I like my shoes! I’ll wear my pink high tops for you next time.

Am I the only one who thinks strength isn’t the issue? It just looks like you gave up. If I pull a weight off the floor that easy, it damn sure better be atleast getting to my fucking knees. Sleep on it, and try again in a week or so.

Am I the only one who thinks you have 425 in you? Looks like you just gave up. Sleep on it and try in a week or so.

Video went bye bye. Were you pulling with straps, mixed, double over?

Agree with VInny on this one while you did def jerk your self into a less than perfect postion to pull I do believe as easy as it came up you would have gotten had you committed to the lift and kept pulling. Just appeared you didn’t want it even from the beginning.

I was pulling mixed grip, I gave up because I had 0 leverage at that point. No sense for me to risk a sloppy pull at the moment. I agree with you fellahs about jerking myself into a crap position. My friend rushed me into letting him record it and I just pulled willy nilly without setting up properly. I’ll check back on it next sunday and Hopefully destroy it. 405 came up way too easily for 425 to be that heavy.

By the time I deadlifted 415, the most I had ever back squatted was 3x295 which is tiny compared to the 385 in your other thread (same depth). Maybe you weren’t at your peak of recovery when you did this deadlift.

Yea I agree. I’m totally burnt out today, and I was sore from the 385 squat when I tried the 425 pull. struggled to get 365 for a single on squat. Gonna deload after multiple months of going hard.

I’m sure I’ll post it if I get it.
Thanks for the support guys.

Your back doesn’t look strong enough. It seems like you didnt have enough strength to hinge at the hip. It also looked like you started up a little high, but then again I get my hips lower than most people when i deadlift. It also didnt look like your back was tight before you did the pull, probably because you didn’t take the time to set up properly.

Maybe practice SLDLs for awhile?