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420 lbs for 69 reps on 4/20 FoR tHe MeMeS

So as most of you know, 4/20 is a holiday in which many of individuals partake in the beautiful coming together that is smoking, consuming and ingesting weed. A holiday that I once partook in to a copious degree. Alas, due to the legal limitations of my state, I have not smoked even an ounce of the devil’s lettuce in quite some time.

However, I still wished to celebrate this momentous holiday but in a different, legal-by-state way. So I thought long and hard about how I wanted to do this, and finally it came to me: 420 pound deadlifts for 69 reps in as few sets as possible. I had a planned deload for this week so it only made sense to go out with a bang, push every set to failure and push myself to a new high, if you will.

I’m currently running a bastardized version of Krypteia from 5/3/1 Forever, but saw this opportunity to do something terrible so I took it. I have videos in my story on Instagram from sets 2,4 and little ends of other ones for “proof” I suppose. I could honestly give two rat’s dicks if anyone believed me, but I also figured that if anyone else were to do it, I’d want some kind of “I DiD tHiS fIrSt” type of thing to show for it.


EDIT: Just realized you have to log in to view stories, so I will make a highlight in the “About Me” box for viewing. Also, not sure about that base language setting? Ha

I originally planned to not film any of it, so that is why set 1 does not exist, set 2 I came to the conclusion mentioned above, set 3 I needed a bit of motivation from music, set 4 I said fuck it yet again and filmed, and the final sets are all there except for one that I thought I was filming, but realized I hadn’t video’d anything and instead pressed the record button when I picked up the phone #69brain.

Anyway, I figured I would share this experience with you guys since I don’t have many friends to talk to about lifting and also in hopes that some of you decide to do this with me next year. Next year I plan to actually make it work better because I had a heavy squat day two days ago and ran a lot yesterday so my back and legs were mad sore going into this. I really like this because the overall (nearly impossible) goal for this is 69 reps in one set, so you always have a way to improve year-to-year. Also, you could do this with any exercise you wish such as squats, deadlifts, leg press, etc so it is scaled for strength levels. The tension headaches I am feeling right now are intense to say the least, so I apologize if I am rambling. Happy 4/20 you guys.


Hell of an achievement man, I couldn’t view the story but you were pulling 405 from a several-inch deficit like it was nothing, so 420 for 69 reps sounds miserable, but possible. My wife and I are celebrating in the more traditional fashion. Marijuana isn’t legal in my state, but I completely reject the illegality of it anywhere (besides countries where they kill you for possession) as long as alcohol is legal. I don’t drive and smoke, don’t work and smoke, but in the evening after the kids are asleep, I’m all for it.

What did you smoke on a heavy night, a pound?


Ah, deadlift brain got me again. But yes. A pound a day keeps the doctor… what was I saying?