42, Results after 2 Years of Dieting and Working Out

Born 1974, training (for esthetic muscle mass) since 1990.
Reading T-nation since 1998.
Length 172cm
August 2014 got to chubby/bulky at 86kg.
May 2015 still at 82kg, dieted down (using MyFitnessPal app) to 65kg (November 2015).
Now (of course:sunglasses: ) only want to gain lean muscle mass.
April 2016 on 67kg BF 13,4%
August 2016 on 70kg BF 11%

Using Indigo, Plazma and Mag10.

  • FlameOut, Curcumin an RezV.

Working out 3x 75min/week, especially compound exercise.

See pictures.
Any thoughts or advice?


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Nice work! Proof that you can build a great physique working out 3 x per week.

Wow! You are lean and ripped. Nice work!

What specifically did you do to get so lean? Great job!