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42 Midgets vs. 1 Lion


I’ve lost most of the respect I had for midgets. Lions however…

I almost posted this same thing earlier today. It is a hoax though. Kinda funny in a sick way.

sad. sad but funny. very funny.

Holy cripes… that is insane. They may be midgets, but they have balls the size of grapefruits to bumrush a fricken lion!

funny but fake, did a search on the bbc web site and came up with no results. laters pk

[quote]chrisb71 wrote:
I almost posted this same thing earlier today. It is a hoax though. Kinda funny in a sick way.


YOU SUCK! I wanted to see how many people believed it.

Yea, I did a search for it and one of the sites said that it was a prank, but then again, maybe there’s a conspiracy here. The geovernment didn’t want this to get out and had some kids say that they made it up and gave them a believable story…

Or maybe not

Oops. sorry :slight_smile:

PGA, how do you always come up with this shit? You spend as much time looking for weird stories as I do looking at chicks.


I was fooled into admiring the bravery of 42 non existant midgets. Hey, if I ever form a rock band that’s the name of our first single… 42 midgets vs. a lion!

Actually I’m not impressed, took the lion 12 min.

Pssh, give me claws, super human strength, and animal instinct.

45 seconds and it’s OVER.

You hear me? OVER

Dammit I was hopin’ for a video!

Well Xen, I did just see an ad for a complete makeover at The Spa on the Isle of Dr. Moreau, so maybe you can be accomodated. If anyone can do it, he can.

I’m bummed that the guy who put this hoax together (really just to be shared with him and his buddies) got his site on this taken down from Tripod. What I found even funnier than the story is that this all came about as an argument between some friends over who would win - a full-grown, male African lion or 40 unarmed, not specially trained midgets in an arena with no escape. It’s kill or be killed!

Hopefully he will put up the site again because he was soliciting e-mails votes on who people think would win…

Soooo, who do YOU think would win? For me, hands down… lion. My e-mail to the guy was:
"Honestly, how could unarmed 40 midgets stand a chance against a full-grown male lion? Even if all of them converged on the lion at one time male lions are huge! I just looked up how much the average male lion weighs… 330 to 530 lbs. The power in an animal of that size could easily toss aside 5 or 6 midgets at a swipe. Lion gets in a few swipes, knocks about 10 midgets to the edges of the arena (all of this would take less than 1.5 seconds) and then turns on the other midgets. I mean, we’re not talking about a pack of hyenas against a lion - this is a bunch of midgets! And untrained ones at that! They will fight since there is no way out, but they will be scared out of their minds while the lion is just going to be super-pissed.

I am totally with you. It’s all teeth, claws and pure power against some poor guys with unfortunate genetics in an enclosed space."


I thought the midgets were supposed to be some kind of trained fighters though.

Even though, I’d still go with the lion, hands down.

Ok, sure, the lion is gonna rip the midgets to peices. It’s not even really a match. Lets think of something more fun… like the big show vs a lion. 500lbs vs 500 lbs? I would say since big show has no claws and sharp theeth he at least gets some spiked knuckles to punch with. And maybe he gets to weat thick leather could be somewhat protective.

Ok or hows this… how many unarmed T-Nation members would it take to bring down 1 lion? like 3 of prof X?


what kind of weapons did these midgets supposedly have, that would have made it even more funny. laters pk

I don’t see how even 42 big guys could take on a full grown lion if they were unarmed.

in a kill or be killed arena i’d take one full grown male african alpha of pride mufasa lion over ten full grown male hyenas.

in the wild i’d take one full grown male african alpha of pride mufasa lion over a thousand full grown male hyenas.

many seem to underestimate the ability of one body with superior size and power to obliterate multitudes of opponents with inferior size and power.

i’d take myself over every skinny guy to ever post pics on this site at the same time. unarmed, of course.