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42 I'm Fit But Feel Like Garbage, Help with my Labs

Hi All,

I’m very active gym 6 times a week, whole food balanced diet and I have most if not all of the symptoms of low T. I had some limited lab work done and was hoping t get some insight on these results. I understand I will need to get a full lab done soon.

Full blood panel - normal
Total testosterone - 5.357 ng/ml
Free testosterone - 9.7 ng/dl
SHGB - 41.5 nmol/l
Albumin - 4.5 g/dl

I appreciate the advice

Hey bro,

How hard are you training and are you in a calorie surplus or deficit?

6 intense workouts a week while being in a calorie deficit will eventually cause overreaching/ overtraining. Symptoms include: Training progress not improving or going backwards, tired, no motivation, loss of appetite.

If I was in your situation i would take 3 days off training, making sure your in a calorie surplus and only train 5 days per week.

Good luck on the blood work, something I need to do some research on myself

Hey man, my diet is pretty even with a slight deficit maybe. My training is pretty light imo, but you’re right about the negative effects. I had the T labs before I was training so frequently. At the time i was training 4 times a week. I ramped the activity up to see if it would help my mood etc. and hopefully see a change in T on my next test.

Luckily I was put on touch with a progressive Doc. today, I should have this worked out soon.


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Like you said on your post your blood work isn’t detailed enough to draw any conclusions.

Ref ranges would also be helpful if you have those.

On your next bloods make sure you have all of the above plus E2, Prolactin, LH, FSH, FT3, FT4, TSH, CBC, and liver/lipid panels. Be worth adding in PSA given your age too.

You say you have a progressive doctor? Make sure he knows his stuff.

Plenty of people think doctors are amazing simply because they’re the only person so far to offer you a script. You won’t feel great if you end up on E14D injections and no AI.

Gl mate, update us on your progress.

Labs are pretty normal – in the future you might try to get bioavailable testosterone level checked as well as E2– however – it’s probably from overtraining. Once you hit your 40s – training six days a week goes out the window unless you were doing it as part of a macro training cycle and plan to take off several weeks after that. Bump your vitamin D, and cut down on the training – you should take off at least 2 to 3 days per week – and that means no activity.

Edit your opening post and add lab ranges to the data.

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