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42 Female / Starting TRT, Some Questions

My background: I lift 5 days a week for the past 7 years. I have about 20 pounds of muscle on my body. I’m 5’4” and 145. Muscular and thick, but in the past 2 years I’ve been going ‘no where’ in the gym and adding fat when my diet has been on spot. I even fasted for 7 days and only lost 2 lbs.

I am going to an ‘anti-aging clinic’ so I won’t be under the supervision of a real doctor. Actual doctors in my area are $600+ a month while this place is $225. Insurance won’t cover women.
They will let me pin the trt weekly, which comes with Dhea and vit d.
They told me no medicine will interfere with the treatment. I am on a number of meds. Where would I check this, the pharmacy? Let me know your thoughts and if anything pops out at you.

Have you considered Defy Medical, they offer telemedicine and mail you everything. You can have access to the doctors that can diagnose and treat complex medical conditions such as thyroid, testosterone, peptides and more for a little less.

Weekly injection isn’t recommended especially for women, breaking those shots up multiple times a week is key to feeling good and maintaining stables levels. These clinics rarely staff competent doctors, they seem more interested in your wallet than your health.

If you insist on going with this clinic know that 20mg test is pushing supraphysiological doses for most women, 10mg weekly is closer to a proper weekly dosage for women. Injecting multiple times a week is recommended.

Your platelet count is high, do you have some sort of disease that might explain it? Usually when platelet count is too high, it’s due to a specific disease or condition, it’s called secondary or reactive thrombocytosis. Primary thrombocythemia is most common among women and people over age 50.

i will ask for multiple shots per week or break them up myself. He wants to bring me up to 40 total test and 4 free test. I did tell him I was thinking of running a winny cycle, but thought this far less dangerous. After a month and my numbers check I may run in junction with nutrobal.

Definitely, I’ll check with my pcp on the high platelet, good thinking. In the past it has usually meant anemia for me. Super common for female lifters, especially me, but I should rule out anything serious before starting.

I’ll checkout defy medical before I sign their contract plan. See what options they can give me.

My wife had a testosterone profile similar to yours. She uses a topical cream daily. You definitely need test. I’d have your thyroid looked into further.

Heavy exercise can cause reactive thrombocytosis.

One month follow up, I am unsure if this is allowed or if I need to make a new post. I am taking 10 - 2x per week. I have been drawing past the .2 (which equals 10) so that when I fill / change out the needle it goes exactly to the .2. Should I be doing that or am I giving myself too much?

My serum level is high and my free is mid range. The clinic is waiting on the Dhea-s results before placing the new order. I take 10mg 6 days a week.

I have gotten stronger in the gym but have no increase in desire or energy. The desire thing actually went backwards, I use to be dtf everyday and now I have little interest, I’m also really tired. Any thoughts on that?

There is a smart phone app called epocrates. You can punch in all of your meds and it will tell you if there are any interactions.

Your T-cyp comes in varying mgs, you need to find the strength in mgs. Whenever my levels are too high I also feel tired and interest in sex is lower, penile sensitivity is also lower.

Did you ever get your thyroid evaluated? What was your SHBG level?

Your free test level is not optimal, should be at least double given your total test.

Certain medications can effect HRT. Most women do fine with topical administration, you might consider that. A steady dose may make the difference.

Hi Jennie1, Just a reference point for you my wife is on the big 3 for ladies T Eand P and her numbers are much higher than your’s IMO I’d double your T injection.

EDIT: sorry I am having issues posting a screen shot of the wifes bloods. Heres the direct addy

Hi hrdlvn, my wife is also on BHRT. Do you know what your wife’s SHBG is? Does she use injection or cream for test? Just wondering as her free test % is so low.

She is on daily applied creams so I don’t think a high or low SHGB would apply.

Her Free Testosterone(Direct) is 3.8 with a LabCorp range of pg/mL 0.0 - 4.2
Why would you say that was low? Her doc is quite happy with all her numbers.
She says she feels great.

That’s fine, glad she feels great. Her total test is very high and her free test is 0.2% of total. That is very low indicating that high SHBG is tying up her testosterone. SHBG would apply because if it is high (as suspected), she would need to run her total test up there to get a decent level of free test, which is what she has.

I never got my thyroid or SHGB tested. I have had many thyroid tests done at my PCP and she has always told me I was ‘fine’ and ‘within normal range’.

I do take T3 and T4 sarms daily, just because I don’t believe that my thyroid does function well enough. I have 100mcg bottles and I take .3ml in the morning of each.

Hopefully the new prescription will be different. I will ask the clinic to test for the SHGB and thyroid panel if my numbers don’t change next month. The small amount I am getting has made a world of difference in strength and recovery. I still only dropped 3 pounds after 7 day water fast. That is really wrong compared to a few years ago. It would have been more along the lines of 10 pounds. :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for all the help and input.


I don’t know if I am allowed to bring up this topic again, but it was the easiest way for everyone to see how my bloods are different month to month. I am afraid this place is not doing a good job.

My total T went up to 81 and my free T fell to 1.7. I have emailed and called them about the sex binding hormone test and have heard nothing. They don’t even answer the phone. I’m afraid they are going to mess me up. I feel worse than I did, my sex drive is gone (it was never an issue), bad headaches and I have no motivation. I am stronger, though, I have broken through many plateaus at the gym.

I am paying $750 for 10 weeks worth of Dhea and testosterone. All blood work included. I don’t know if this is worth the price, especially since they won’t even respond.

Hi Jennie1,
I think this is the perfect thread to bring your latest status back up since it has your history.
I am surprised there has been no talk of the 3rd hormone that is so important in female balance and that is P (progesterone). There is a ratio between T, E2, P that must be in balance with females that male don’t need. Does your clinic measure and adjust that?

IMO you are spending way too much and not getting proper care although I don’t agree with SL very often checking out Defy is a very good suggestion. My wife uses them and what they do with her compared to what is happening with you is completely different.
Be careful taking advice from men here. How TRT works in men is nothing like HRT for women. You ladies are far more complicated. Get some real help. It’s worth the bucks I promise.

Perfect example of why the focus needs to be on free testosterone over total.

Your percentage of free testosterone is 0.2%. Ideally, it should be 2-3%.

Any chance you have free T3 and free T4 labs? Reverse T3?