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42, Back Injuries, Looking to Learn Powerlifting


i tried cross fit. not enough attention from coaches, too fast, easy to get sloppy.
i want to learn the basic lifts. i live in boston area.
i dont want to pay for one on one instruction.

how can i learn the basic lifts? are there group classes offered? any suggestions are welcomed.
i need to be careful because i have an injured lower back.


For clarification… you are talking about the 3 main lifts in actual powerlifting correct? Just asking since some people tend to confuse Powerlifting with weightlifting.


If you’ve got back pains (as I do from past sports injuries), I’d recommend just starting with generic resistance-training with weights to build strength in you back, core and hips. Focus on that for at least 6 months to build proper strength and support. Powerlifting is extremely physically-stressing and rigorous and if your body isn’t ready for the demanding, complex and explosive movements you may land yourself an injury.
As for learning. If you don’t want to/cant afford to pay for a personal trainer, you’ll have to commit some time to your own research. You can find plenty of tutorial videos on youtube, or by following people on instagram.