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42 and Considering HGH or TRT

Hey guys, I’m 42 and am considering hgh/trt. Hgh for health benefits and trt for a little bulk. Is this a recommended combo? I’m 6ft, 200lbs and have been working out for the past 8 months; good cardio and I quit smoking 7 mths ago.

What are your T levels? If you don’t have a testosterone problem then it isn’t TRT, it’s a cycle. You haven’t mentioned 1 symptom or given any labs, all you mentioned are you want to bulk up. Cycles are fine but should be discussed in the steroid forum.

ummm yea…this almost sounds like folks wanting to “get yoked” so do a cycle…just because you are older and see all the commercials of leaned out doctors saying all you need is more T and GH…its not that easy…nor needed for most.

If you just quit smoking and starting working out regularly for 8 months, you have many years of great gains and progress before you need to worry about any hormones unless you have major health issues. Why would you want to have to jab needles in yourself for the rest of your life?

Keep working out, clean up your diet, learn more about working out properly for your goals, and in a few years get some labs done…and then wait another few years before thinking about HRT is my honest opinion.