415 Total T in Bloodwork

Been on test cyp once a week injections for over a year. Just got my last weeks bloodwork results(day before injection). Total T at 415 . My doc now wants me to to spread them out to every 10 days In hope’s to get my system running on its own.

This planned course of action by your doctor will lead to misery, your doc is mistaken because any amount of exogenous T will shut down your natural production.

You would have to stop TRT completely and let the exogenous T wash out of your system before your natural production will restart, but this will result in you returning to a low-T state.

I’m assuming you have been diagnosed with hypogonadism and therefore need TRT for life. I would actually recommend a slight dosage increase because your trough levels are a little on the low end. You could also increase trough levels by splitting up your dosage twice weekly if your T allowance doesn’t permit a dosage increase injecting weekly.

Run from this doc immediately and find someone well versed in TRT!

This belongs in “stupid things that doctors do and say” thread and is filled with stories like yours.

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Where the f do docs get this stuff?

That isn’t how it works. Find a new doc. Save yourself from the impending misery that is coming.

Never been diagnosed with hypogonadism. Found out from a check up with blood work showing a 191T level. Been on 100mg once a week since.

You technically would need more testing and would typically need two separate tests showing levels <300 to qualify for TRT by a provider under your insurance. This lack of testing and improper diagnosis might be why your doc is currently attempting to get your natural production going again so that proper testing can be done, but the way he/she is going about it is all wrong.

Generally, once every 10 days is not going to be optimal for most guys. If you are on exogenous T about say 30-50 mg or so a week (some do not get completely shut down doing very small injections daily of like 5 mg a day), you will be fully shut down.

I would ask your doctor to explain in detail his rational on why you will get some natural production going by doing what he suggests.

You could show him your blood work from the 415 TT test. Show that LH and FSH is very close to 0 (if not get an MRI on your pituitary gland). Ask him how much above 0 he expects those numbers to get by adding an additional 4 days in between injections. Ask if he thinks you will get close to normal LH and FSH levels by waiting 4 days. The answer is you will not, but this will show him that his logic is flawed.

Just to be clear my doc is a she

I shouldn’t have assumed.

Does she want to try a restart?

Either why she is not knowledgeable on trt.

She had mentioned before I started looking into all of this that putting me on would help get my system up and running. The more I look into his I’m finding she is may be unsure. Shes been my primary for years and has always helped me. Into monitor how I feel and get back to her.

If you doc is interested in getting your natural production going again so you can attempt to increase T naturally, you must stop TRT and start HCG 300-400iu EOD 2 weeks which will jumpstart your testicles getting them to start producing testosterone again, followed by Clomid 25mg daily x 28 days and stop everything and see where you levels land after a couple of months and reassess.