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410 kg Squat (to depth)


It's dedicated (jokingly) to the dude who did those powerlifting videos with fake plates.

However translating some of the comments from Russian suggests these plates are in fact not fake:

'but really how much is there?'

'Count! Yellow = 15, red = 25 green = 50 and the neck as well, always 20kg = DD'

Sick squat. No idea who the dude is though?



looks fake to me


Unless that guy has steel cables for tendons and his skeleton weighs 400lbs of adamantium, that was fake.


I smell a fake. I can't see anyone racking that kind of weight backwards. Plus, anyone who can squat that owns lifting shoes.


haha, yeah I guess in hindsight nothing adds up, the bend of the bar, the fact he's not wearing proper shoes, the fact that he looks no more than 100kg himself.

Originally I was asking myself: whty would any respectable weightlifting club even have fake plates, but who knows.


fake, the bar would bend to hell with that amount of weight...



Agreed. I mean an exception would be a quality powerlifting bar which had never been dropped or abused (as olympic bars are) - but why the hell would such a bar be in one of these Russian clubs?
Anyway, you can see below that the bar oscillation is very minimal with a good bar which is never dropped or jerked, or cleaned, or snatched - however this powerlifter dude actually appears to be squatting 400 just from the evident trauma which he is experiencing by simply supporting such a massive load.


For the Russian kid to do the above with minimal effort, at his size, would literally mean that he was He-Man re-incarnate. Would be interesting to know exactly how much it was though.


Labelled by the Dikul method - ie fake plates...


compare the size of him to guys who can put up 400+ and it answers itselt


f0ck, that bar barely bent what so ever! lol

I guess the only legit thing is if they get anywhere near these in comp! Comp results are where it's at :slight_smile:



410 lbs, maybe, 410kgs? Not a chance


Is there any reason why those greens can't be 10's? That would be 80 kg off if they were.


In the other vids on the channel is him squatting 160...


that bar dont bend at all with well over 1000lbs on it. All depends on what type of bar it is. I dunno much about oly bars but in powerlifting a deadlift bar will have a huge whip in it. for example:

But i wouldnt imagine an oly club would have hardcore PLing bars?? (could be wrong)


Yeah I think as soon as a bar is pulled violently or allowed to impact the floor, it starts to lose its rigidity. That is why Powerlifters (if possible) do not use the same bar for deadlifting and squatting/benching. For the last 2 lifts, the bar should have minimal whip or bend.

As for the mention above of the Russian kids 160kg squat, it also states his B/W at 75kg - so if ever there could be any doubt, that's the final word: 410kg (Deep) squat @ 75kg. Would be an EPIC feat, to say the least


oly bars are made to have a pretty big whip. it's not necessarily because they're being dropped and losing rigidity, it's that that's how they were designed.


True, but nobody has suggested that olympic bars start out rigid but get bent up through abuse.

That has been said of Powerlifting bars.

The whole question was: could someone squat 410kg with such minimal bar bend? The answer seems to be yes, with a high quality powerlifting squat bar, but certainly not with an weightlifting bar because of reasons given by others and yourself. Regardless, the squat is of course not really 410kg. The lifter is 75kg, and not particlarly thick. Had it been a real 410, he would have gone down and been lucky to ever get up from that squat!


you can clearly see that he is joking around by the way he is pretending to shake and convulse as if it is a super heavy load. There was also no obvious variation in the amount of force produced (more struggle in the hole compared to the top).