41 YO, 6' & 180lbs - All Chest

6 mth transformation.
I mostly gained in the chest. 39 inch to 45 inch.
My arms won’t grow I have tried almost everything. All ranges of reps/sets. Perfect form. I have yet to try are spider curls. Any other ideas for arms.
Legs are only pistol squat and cycling. Zero squats so far.
Here are photos, first from may 2nd second from october 2nd. Click on image to see wheels.

Pretty good transformation.Lost fat and gained some appreciable muscle.

Gunz in a bottle…

fat gripz great also

Thanks, will check that one out.

Nice work. Chest and shoulders are fuller and waist is considerably smaller. Keep up what you are doing!

Great progress and you look way happier in the second photo!


Arms just take a long time to grow. Your overall growth, while noticeable, isn’t anything particularly extreme, so it’s not all that surprising that your arms look about the same. I would just keep working at it. There is no special formula for arm growth, no single exercise that will get the job done. Just don’t go extremely heavy on your direct arm work, and instead focus on getting sets of 8-15 reps done with a moderate weight and good technique. I like dips and pull ups a lot for compound movements that can grow your arms. For isolation, I’m a fan of cables, because the tension is still high throughout the contraction.


Eat 500-1000 calories above maintenance and lift consistently five days a week for the next 104 weeks!

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Thanks for your advice. I have added a different after photo, one that shows my gains better, especially in the shoulders. Wide Pull ups are always a part of my workout. I have added Dips, per your suggestion, and have they have already brought gains to my chest, but not my arms. That is always the case. I do Bench press or Wide grip Pullups with friends, the day after they have sore arms, while I have sore chest and lats. (my lats are wide too). So basically, I have to try to isolate my arms. Will try using cables.

Thanks, yeah I have changed my after photo that better shows my after gains. I went from 170 to 184lbs now (yep 4lbs since last photo) while loosing inches on my waist, so I think my diet is not too bad, but must clearly be maintained for…104 weeks.

Don’t think your arms are lagging noticeably, you can tell from the pictures that they’ve improved as well and, as already mentioned, they can be a tough bitch to grow.
It seems to me you have fairly long arms in relation to your torso, this will obviously require more work to fill them out, and I can relate since my arms have a similar ratio.

What has helped to me as a kickstart for biceps growth was chinups with a supinated grip. You already mentioned doing wide pullups, try for some time to switch to chins with varying widths (from close grip, hands touching, to shoulder width give or take). It’s still a great back builder, you won’t be missing out on lat work, but you’ll hit your arms harder.
I added direct work only after getting decent at chins, and what worked good was following Meadows’ advice to hit the brachialis first/more to add thickness, I think it’s a good cure for asparagus arms.
What I usually do is to start with cross body curls first, then hammer curls (using Paul Carter’s hint to keep the dumbbell in front of the legs, that is, touching your quads at the bottom of each rep), then regular curls. I keep reps on the high-ish side, as many as 25 and almost never below 10.
I like Paul Carter’s pyramid giant set for this, pick lighter dumbbells and do cross body curls for 25 reps, then heavier dumbbels and do 15 hammer curls, then heavier dumbbells and do 10 standard curls. Rest 3 minutes, and repeat in reverse (10 > 15 > 25 reps with progressively lighter weights).
Good way to pack 100 reps in a couple minutes and hitting the biceps from different angles.
This is Meadows’ article about the barchialis btw: Tip: Train the Brachialis First

your arms are not disproportionately small. Your new after picture does not change my opinion. Adding 14 lbs of bodyweight should not add significant size to your arms. I feel as though your expectations are unreasonable.

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Do you know how many men would literally murder to add 6 inches to their chest? So many people have a tough time growing chest and only grow arms. You’re not just doing okay, you’re blessed. Rejoice! And keep eating.