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41 yo, 10wks Out of Surgery, 2yrs Out of Training

getting happy again with my results.

Turned 41 in May and decided to get aggressive with my insurance company putting off authorizing an MRI of my shoulder. For 2 years, I have been pretty much unable to do anything fitness related including bike or run.

They finally came through and I was right I had something torn inside (my labrum of my left shoulder). Surgery was on 6/13, I was out of my sling 8 days later and in PT about day 12. 16 sessions later I was declared 100% ROM and finished up my last 2 sessions. I was cleared to lift again in the 15 rep range. I was ok with that…it was something and my strength was quickly returning.

This past week my surgeon discharged me fully and told me there is nothing off limits as long as I stick to the major type of exercises and use good form. Squats, deads, overhead press are all OK.

Had workout #11 today…week 3 of my return. Put up 65lb dumbbells for bench at 12/10/8 and did 205lbs for squats (ATG) for 10/8/7.

My routine starts with overhead presses (using 45lb DBs), lateral raises (20-25lb DBs) and bent laterals (25lb) to warm up my shoulders. I go to bench press (65lbs), lat pull downs (150lbs, I can’t do pull ups yet at 221lbs bodyweight), low pulley rows (150lbs), bent rows (65lbs), squats (205lbs barbell), leg curls (120lbs), bicep curls (35lbs), tricep pushdowns (100-120lbs), standing calf raises (machine, 500lbs). About 45mins start to finish. I will break out to a more traditional 4 day split (2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off) soon.

My bodyweight has gone from 236 to 221 after lunch today (two chicken burger patties with spinach chopped in and a small amount of rice post workout). Bodyfat on my Tanika shows a 3% reduction. Arms and legs are nice and tight…getting vascular a bit. Still carrying a gut :(, but my goal is to be down to 200lbs end of September and take another 2 inches off my waist. Most of my size 38 clothes are falling off without a belt now…they were tight two months ago.

I did start TRT as well…for the past 2 years I was getting pretty clean, but couldn’t get below 230-235lbs. My hormones were all way low. My triglycerides were nuts…I go back in about 5 weeks for another blood panel.

My energy and motivation are through the roof now. I almost feel like I have to be doing something, where before I’d be happy just reading news/forums online.

My shoulder feels great. At times better than my right shoulder (which has some tightness in the tendons still due to the inactivity. I should have been working my right shoulder along with my left in Physical Therapy…). Little pinches here and there which is to be expected for a while.

One casualty of all this was developing a Diastasis from the weight gain more than likely. I need to see my primary care for advice on treatment. I am going to call my PT today since I still have over a month of sessions I could use if desired. She has her doctorate and has been in the business a long time. I need to find out what ab/core work I can do that will not aggravate it. I know Crunches, leg raises and similar exercises are contradictory to the condition.

Looking to start deadlifts in about another month. Doc says I can do them now, but I want to wait. My workouts are still kicking my butt.

I have been down a full 5 years (had shattered my right elbow five years ago, recovered after about 1.5 years and then got hurt in the gym 6 months back into training)…my torn labrum is hopefully a distant memory soon.

7 weeks back in the gym…down 17 lbs and my muscle is all coming back fast.

Sounds like you are on track for a great recovery.

I had shoulder surgery two+ years ago.

Current Progress:
10/04/12 216lbs
09/29/12 219lbs
09/26/12 223lbs
09/24/12 225lbs
08/05/12 237lbs

10/9/2012 212lbs

Coming along, 210lbs