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41 Year Old, Androgel + 'Arimatest'

Hey all, this is my first post here and I am really hoping to get involved with a good forum on the subject of Testosterone .

Im 41, and found out I had low T about 2 yrs ago. Been on Androgel since then, and it has helped get me into the normal range. Although I am not a body builder, I am very involved in long distance offroad racing (motorcycles) which requires strength and endurance. I train for this purpose.

For several years I have had “moobs” which bug the crap out of me. I am fairly sure its not real Gyno but rather a result of the years I had low T and didnt know it, and maybe too much Estrogen.

This week I decided to try the Musclemeds product “Arimatest” in an effort to reduce my Estrogen levels to see if it will affect my ability to get rid of the moobs.

I haven’t been able to find much info about using these 2 together, as most using the Arimatase supplements do not also use Androgel and are much younger than me.

Any opinions/suggestions as to my situation would be much appreciated.

You should be tested for E2 and be put on an real aromatase inhibitor (AI) like Arimidex if your levels are higher than optimal. If your doctor will not do this, find a new doctor. Read the sticky. Reducing overall fat will reduce the moobs, but if your BF% is already low, even an AI will not get rid of them completely.

There is also advice on what other stickies to read. You have high E2 levels from T gel.

Stop taking internet junk [Arimatest]. These things change gene expression and as a group have had some terrible effects.