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41% of Births end in Abortion...100%


of Abortions end in Death...

And, I am glad this judgement was passed: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/pro-life-victory-in-nyc/


Thanks for posting Chris!


41% ?
That's fucked up.


Abortion, yet another legacy of the left.


Let me ask you fellas a serious question. I may be very naive but how can a woman perform an abortion without any guilt nor with the consent of the Father. Its so mind boggling that this is allowed with the excuse that its the womans body and right.
Is it just a way too make America more immoral? It is like a killing a baby it makes no sense whatsoever.




I have to agree, this is pretty horrifying.


I'm sure you meant to say 41% of pregnancies . . .


thats an insane statistic, hard to believe, part of me thinks, it must be some repeat women, as in having more than one abortion. i dont live in new york but i find it hard to believe 4 out of 10 women would choose that


I lived there 7 hellish long years and there's almost no form or degree of sickness I would find hard to believe is occurring there.


i can buy into that statement


Well, yes it is a hard think of, but then you look to Russia who reports women having half a dozen, on average, abortions in their life time.

The most dangerous place for an African American (especially a female African American) is in the womb. They have better luck in the ghetto or with heart disease.

Although, I would bet there is a lot of repeats. I don't have any statistics, but even if it's 1 in 10 women, that still begs the question...why are 1 in 10 women killing their children. Especially, in such a privileged country as America in such a liberated place as New York. Why is it such a stigma to be pregnant that women would have to kill their own child? What in fear of walking around with a baby bump? So much for liberation.

But, I digress. I am speculating.

P.S. I think I will give up tobacco products until my state ends abortion.


Simple......most women getting abortions are not thinking it's a baby or child. They are thinking its a tiny mass of cells that hasn't developed into much of anything yet. And they don't want the hassle of adoption, etc.

That's why Gov. Rick Perry (TX) enacted a state law that requires every abortion clinic to show the pregnant woman the sonogram so they can SEE the baby...it's size, shape, etc. He knew there was a basic disconnect there.


Now this is something we can agree on :wink:


once, a woman told my father (who is a doctor) she needed to abort because she didn't wanted to be pregnant during winter holidays. Apparently, the baby was not compatible with skiing.


Yup, this is a really sad state we are in. I mean, nearly half. That's a lot of folks. Nothing about abortion is good, nothing.


Well duh...I often find my kids inconvenient. But damn I love them.


So basically, fake "women's health clinics" are allowed to pretend that they provide abortion services when in reality they don't, and then string women along until the pregnancy is too far along to terminate? If I remember correctly, that's what this measure was intended to prevent.

Are lying and deception lesser sins to you Catholics, Chris? Or are they, like cultus of dead popes, just one of those little hypocrisies you're willing to overlook or rationalize away?


Another thing, let's not be blind to the fact that many women abort because the father is not competent enough to contribute to the process -- either emotionally or financially or even incompetently with their mere presence.

Many women simply cannot handle it my themselves.

So, this sad situation is not just about heartless women but indifferent, unable men, as well.


Oh honey, don't bother trying to use logic on the religious whack jobs. You know as well as I do that there is no place for logic in their super moral jeebus fantasyland.