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41 Newb, Very Low Test Results


Hi everyone,
I'm 41 and last year for the first time I did a Test lab. The results showed about 275. My dr. put me on 1CC of 200ML Test every 2 weeks. after about 4 months the results showed about 975. Instead of lowering the amount they cut me off completely.

In about another two weeks I was tired with no energy, as if I was running on fumes. I went back and did another lab test and the results came back at 32. The dr. said it was a lab mistake and redid the test which came back at 260. They were concerned that it was low again too soon and they put me back at 1cc every two weeks.

Finally, I went and saw a endocrinologist which ran another test to cover all my glands. He said it was to late to find out why I was not producing enough since the Test was coming from outside, but wanted to make sure nothing else is wrong. The results came back good for everything except the Test which was at 1120. They said it's way to high and cut it down to .5cc every two weeks. I did that for about 2 months and I was again getting very tired. I went back and he ran another lab test. The results came back again at 39. Now I'm back at doing .5cc every week instead of every other. So far at week two, I'm fine. No more 3pm crashes and no more Sleep driving.

I go to the gym religiously on a 4-day split with one day off. My question is what can I do to get my own body to start producing Tst again. Both my dr.s are reluctant to suggest clomid and they say it's not the answer. Yet, I'm stuck with a needle in my butt every week.

On another note, now that I am doing Test, is there something that I can add to boost my Mass (other than the normal calorie intake, supplements, Creatine, etc.)