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40th Birthday Cycle


Hi I will be 40 next June and want to go big I have done a few cycles in the past. Mostly an oral and test. My last cycle was a 10 week Sust 325 only cycle with seemed mild and I got good solid lean gains from. I want to look good for my 40th and this is what I had in mind for my cycle. Your advice would be appreciated.

1-16 750mg Test Cyp split 2xW
1-14 500mg EQ split 2xW
11-18 50mg Anavar
Jan-June 150mcg GHRP-6 ED
1-16 .5 Armidex EOD

I will be doing a standard clomid\nolva PCT
I will be using HCG durring my PCT (although I may use it durring the cycle)
I went with ED and Var because they are mild on the hair line and can be used with propecia to help prevent hair loss.

I am also taking advice on the GHRP dosage and the EQ so I hope I dont get jumped on just advised LOL

This is my Diet I have had success with in the past

Meal 1 - 6am
4 cup of oat bran
8 cup of egg whites

NOTE: Vitamins to be taken at this time

Meal 2 - 9 am
4 scoops of protein powder + 12 oz of water

Meal 3 - 12pm
3 chicken breasts NO SKIN
1 cup broccoli
1 cup of white rice

Meal 4 รข?? 3pm
2 scoops of protein powder + 12 oz of water

Meal 5 - 5pm
4 chicken breasts NO SKIN
1 cup of romaine lettuce & spinach
1 Tablespoon of ground flax seed

Meal 6 - 8pm
2 scoops of protein powder + 12oz of water

NOTE: you MUST eat SOMETHING every 3 hours

-sugar; all types. Fruit. Honey. Alcohol. Milk/Lactose.
-trans fats, lard
-enriched carbs [flour, white bread, pastries, corn, tomatoes]

-omega fats [fish, flax, olive oil, pam spray]
-lean proteins: fish, chicken, turkey, lean red meat [filet mignon]
-diet sodas, teas, coffee, water [64-80oz]
-splenda, ms dash, mustard, lemon, cinnamon
-high fiber or low lectin carbs [Ezekiel bread, oat bran]
-greens: broccoli, romaine lettuce, spinach, asparagus


I quite drinking soda in 2006.


You will be using HCG during your PCT?

HCG will suppress you, so only take it up to your PCT, not during. e.g. last 4-5 weeks + 2 weeks after last inject. After that PCT only (nolva and/or clomid).


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Like Bushy said...GHRP is better at 100 mcg 2-3 times daily. 100 pwo and pre bed is perfect. You can add in grf to enhance the pulse, but it is not an absolute necessity.

It is just my preference, but I would run the EQ right to week 16 along with the test. Keep the adex in your plans through to week 16 for sure, but consider running it longer, right up to and into pct.....taper it out from week 16 on. What does your pct look like. Also, as was mentioned, do not run HCG during your recovery phase. Either do it during the whole cycle, or during the last few weeks.

The diet....yeah boring. But if you can stick with it then thats cool. Being strict is one thing, but being 100% clean for 16 weeks eating only what you have listed will take willpower. Unless you are going to compete, then live a little, and have a dirty snack every now and then....and add some variety to your clean food choices.