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40th B-day in Afghanistan FML

Hey everyone hope all is well.
Talking to a few people and they said I should check out this forum sayi g it was pretty awesome. About me, names Jason, just hit 40 the 28th of April, currently a contractor in Afghanistan. I’m 6’ 180. Love the gym ;-). 3 months to go till I’m home whooot!! I need a beer and a steak!!! Gods grace to everyone here who’s bettering themselves! . Ohh and I’m a big fan of learning (still) not only about the gym but general health.

Welcome and stay safe over there my friend.

[quote]DBasler wrote:
Welcome and stay safe over there my friend. [/quote]

Hey thanks DB!!! I was beginning to wonder if anyone would say something! Be easy man, have a solid day!

Welcome and best all with your fitness goals! Looks like room service at the Hilton could be better. :wink: I’m sure you’ll be happy to be back among friends and family. Ditto on the be safe.

I picture a lot of moving sandbags, pushups and pullups over there, but I assume you have some free weights. Do you train alongside the military personnel?