40mg Anadrol/250mg Test E/EQ 200 mg

I’m doing a 10 week cycle. Anadrol for the first 4 weeks. I only have #40 20 mg Anadrol tabs.
My friend has done 3 cycles like this and never had to run inhibitors. I’m gonna include nolva just in case. I also have Aromasin on hand.

Should I not use AI unless I abosultley need it.
Please don’t rip me a new asshole about my low doses. It’s my first cycle so dose is as such.
Please help me out. I’m starting my cycle in 1 week.

Nah man, low dose tends to equate to better gains over the long run.

I think sticking to low doses is a fantastic idea.

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exactly i frontloaded with 375mg test a week for 2 weeks and then again 250mg a week results are freaking awesome.

Kind of nervous. I want everything to be perfect. 10 weeks of doing just everything right. With regards to training and diet. I’m 39 years old 510 and I weigh 170 pounds I’m hoping to make some good gains. Without having a bunch of sides to deal with. I’m a union carpenter and my job is like a workout for 8 hours a day I’m constantly swinging a hammer and lifting heavy shit, climbing ladders, stairs, my app on my phone recorded I walked 8 miles on fri meat at work”huge school” job site. I train upper body with dumbbell only and only do incline upper chest and incline upper flys for chest I keep my rep range in the 8- 15 rep range paramiding only taking 20 sec rest times max. I see huge gains withou juice. I have got injured quite frequently over the years which requires me to stop working out. All my gains, bye bye… I hoping this cycle goes perfect. Thanks for the feed back bussy

There is nothing wrong with not using an AI until sides appear but don’t ever compare yourself to someone else as in your friend. Everyone is so different some people need an AI on a small dose some can run grams without one. Just be mindful.

As to the cycle. There is nothing wrong starting low with test. But your starting your first cycle with 3 compounds. I don’t reccomend this.

  1. anadrol can cause some wierd gyno problems. It’s not thru aromoatization I think it’s progesterone related. And has a list of possible sides like high blood pressure etc

2)EQs benefits don’t really come out until you get to 400mg/week I’m not saying you won’t get anything from 200 but you’d be better off saving your money. It also cna cause anxiety and a few other sides.

So your gonna have your testosterone along with these two compounds and everything they come with what happens when something starts going wrong and you have no idea what’s causing it. Like suppose a gyno symptom appears and you think it’s the testosterone but reality it’s the anadrol so you bump your AI up not realizing that AI has no effect on the anadrol and you crash your E2 and still have the anadrol causing nipple swelling. Now your whole first cycle is fucked.

My point is ditch the anadrol and eq it’s your first cycle run testosterone. You need to know how your body handles testosterone by itself so in the future when you run other compounds and have you test base when something starts acting up you know it’s not the testosterone.

And in my opinion I’d start at 500mg/week.
Everyone has a different belief system on where to start some prefer lower then going up as the years progress. I personally rather start higher now while I’m young and then go down im dosages as the years go by. I’m not trying to be 40 running blast levels of gear.

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I’m running nolva with Aromasin
If I run into Gyno problems I’m ditching the drol because your right. Chlomid and nolva don’t decrease estogen at all they just stop it from binding, anadrol is where nolva comes into play, nolva doesn’t aromatize. Now testosterone and eq, they Aromatase, therefore an ai will effectively lower estrogen levels. Something goes wrong bud… I’m ditching the drol. Lol. No brainer,

Aromasin won’t do jack shit with regards to whether you get gyno from anadrol. It’s also a fucking strong AI. if you don’t know this stuff to begin with you probs shouldn’t be running gear.

I’m not using the ai for the drol homeboy so calm your little horsie! I would be using the ai for the test and eq. The nolva I would use for the drol. Although I’ve done some research and amazingly letro for slot of people works good to combat Gyno for drol even know it’s an ai and it shouldn’t. Look it up.

You probably won’t need an AI on test and EQ, fwiw.

My horsie is only SLIGHTLY below average in diameter thank you very much. (#savagecomebacks, #strangejokes)