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40lbs in 4 weeks

In the past 4 weeks i have been doing the massive eating diet and have gained 40lbs of lean mass… haha just kidding… The 40lbs I am speaking of is the weight my squat has increased in 4 weeks doing OVT. My dumbbell bench press has also increased a total of 30lbs. What a great program for strength. I have also added quite a bit of muscle mass also. Just wanted to let everyone know how my experience was going! Great program CT!

Everyone says that OVT is not a strength program but I noticed strength gains on it as well. Good progress.

Where can I find OVT workout? and will it make you cut and big? let me know thanks.

DicemanKlay start reading previous issues of T-mag if you can make a comment like that lol.
On a serious note: It’s almost impossible to get cut and big at the same time. And no program will make you look a certain way, your diet will

mghoodlum, what were you doing before? OVT is a bodybuilding/hypertrophy program, not a strength program. If you were doing a very high rep/short rest based program before, then you will get stronger with OVT, but if you really want to get strong there are much better programs. CT never designed it as a strength wkt., so I am not dissing the program, just your use of it.

I started this program for hypertrophy. My understanding was CT had designed this program for hypertrophy/strength, hints the name OPTIMAL volume training. Get the best from both strength/hypertrophy. I have been supprised at how much strength I have gained on this program. I will access hypertrophy at the end of the 8 week plan and possible comment on that also. To answer your question my previous program had 60 sec rest periods and volume was lower per muscle group higher per workout. I did expect some strength gains but not to this extent and I have gotten bigger. My comment was aimed at saying how much I enjoyed this program and the impressive gains I have made.