40g. every hour...

Has anyone ever tried this? I just found an old g shock watch with a timer on it and it goes for an hour. So every hour that i am home which would be from 4-sleep during the week im gunna try and put 40g. of protein in me following the carb/pro fat/pro rules. maybe ill pack on some pounds.

Has anyone every tried this though? how was it if so?

Sounds like hell. But you will get bigger.

Assuming you start eating at 4 and you go to bed around 11…thats 280grams of protein in 7 hours…several things are going to happen because of this:

1)Excess protein turns to fat so you will get bigger but in the wrong way.

  1. Your grocery bill is going to be sick.

  2. You never going to enjoy food if you eat that much everyday.

I think 20-25g of protein would better a much better idea.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I’m sure I read somewhere that excess protein is converted to a form of sugar, which is the reason we don’t just eat as much protein as possible…

Protein can be converted to glucose (gluconeogenesis) which can then be converted to fatty acids (lipogenesis).

Certain amino acids are especially good candidates for gluconeogenesis. I’m sure of alanine, but don’t recall the others right off hand and quite frankly I don’t want to consult a biochemistry textbook right at the moment.

I personally like the idea 25-50 grams every hour…if you did shakes it wouldn’t be bad at all. I expect big things from this for you…keep us posted.

1)Excess protein turns to fat so you will get bigger but in the wrong way.
What the fuck are you talking about?

Ike are you implying that if you have an excess of calories generated by excess protein consumption that it is impossible to be converted into fat?

I think the protein will be absorbed more effitiently because everything will be spread out more. EXcess protein will not turn to fat and before 4 o clock(7-3:59) i will be eating 3 meal which consist of 60 g’s each

280 g of protein. How much do you weigh? it might not be all that much if you’re already a big guy.

Bobo, pay attention to what people are telling you.

Excess Protein = Excess Calories = FM Gain


No. I’m responding to the statement that I originally quoted. It doesn’t say anything about being in a hypercaloric state.

280 grams of protein is not that much. i get that in about four meals. You dont see me shitting out whole hamburgers. it gets digested and used somewhere. If you have any size on you at all your are going to have to eat that much protein in order to maintain or gain size and strength.

460g for a guy that weighs 225 is peanuts; lots of guys eat 2g/lb. without any problems. You should be able to get that in with your regular meals throughout the day. Nocturnal feedings still might be a good idea, though.

Alpha-Ketoacids such as pyruvate, oxaloacetate, and Alpha-ketoglutarate can be substrates for gluconeogenesis. These alpha-ketoacids are derived from the metabolism of the glycogenic amino acids. The glycogenic amino acids are:

So yes, certain amino acids from protein can be converted to glucose which can be converted to fat. As I’m getting ready to start a very high protein diet, I’m not really concerned about this issue, but it is biochemically possible.

I pulled out the biochemistry text!

“What the fuck are you talking about”

I was drinking water when I read that, which then promptly came out of my nose.

Thanks Ike, see you tommorrow!

I weigh 220, 2g. is peanuts (like someone said.) Plus is i lower my carbs and fats just a tad and replace them with some protein i think my diet will benefit greatly. Im officially starting this diet tomarrow. im 220 naked and have about 14% (a lil less imhard on myself)BF. i’ll let you all know where im at in one month july 27th.