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405x6 Squat PR, Cube Method



Wow, great set, congrats on the PR. Your form is awesome, very precise and consistent. What's your age, height, weight?


Thanks, i am 22 and my bw right now is right around 202 in the a.m. I'm competing at 205lbs for PSU Powerlifting and I'll be updating my channel with more training videos. I also have a blog that I am updating and keeping track of training, thoughts, training ideas, etc. Apparently, I can't link to it on tnation though


Nice squats man. Lotta lower body thickness.


tonights training: deadlifts 455x2 @8 and snatch grip pulls.


Good looking lifts dude.


Good lifts


I think you're sandbagging. Those squats and deadlifts looked too pristine to be an 8 or 9 difficulty. Put some weight on the bar, friend.

My suggestion: Get fired up and put some intensity into your lifting. Start off by yelling mean, hateful things at whoever operates the radio in your gym. Tell him/her that they need to turn the radio up louder if they don't want to hear you berate them. You have the demeanor of a bank teller for crying out loud. The guy in the green shirt looks like a nice guy, but threaten to punch him in the neck if he even tries to deadlit more than you. As a matter of fact, charge him $10 for the deadlift lesson you gave him.

In all honesty, your lifts are crazy impressive. Your form is impeccable. I only say these things out of jealousy. And a little bit of alcohol.


thanks man, kind words. I do know that I have to put some more fire into my training as well


Lmao as ridiculous as it is, I actually agree with frankjl. Your lifts are so clean and smooth. I'm sure you have a lot of fast twitch in you, and maybe they don't look as difficult as they are, but even so it seems like you could push yourself harder! Or at least put the RPE a little lower, so that mentally you always know you had a little more in you than you think right now.

And especially with those deadlifts... a little hate goes a long way. Personally, I prefer a calmer approach to squatting and benching, but man nothing is a bigger factor on my deadlift than how fucking full of hate I am right before I pull. It sounds stupid but it's true.


No bitch-ass-ness.



Good lifts in here man.


here is some close grip benching from my accessory day