405x4 squat (great form)

Hey guys. In this video I’m 6’1 and about 190lbs. I’ve had some posture problems in the past (slight lordosis, slight kyphosis) and I’m very inflexible. I can’t even touch my toes.

Yet, being over 6 feet tall, I can squat to just below parallel with perfect form and without a belt or oly shoes. Just chucks.

It just goes to show that squatting is most certainly an actual skill that your body has to learn. If you practice the form long enough at shallower depths and slowly increase the depth, your body will adapt. I’m a big advocate of squatting minimum 3x per week. It doesn’t mean you have to go heavy 3x per week, but you definitely have to practice it very often.


I hope to be able to eventually do ATG with that form one day.


I would say “great form,” but you beat me to it.

well i guess you aren’t looking for positive / constructive feedback lolz.

actually, i think you will find that little kids squat perfect. then we stop them squatting and get them sitting. then later in life they need to re-learn how to squat. that is how come come squatting is a ‘natural’ or ‘primal’ movement, you see. it is only in ‘developed’ countries that people have issues.

You appear to have some explosive leg strength.

yakety sax lol