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405x3 Bench @202


Yes, I understand there's a training personal records thread, but I'm too attention-seeking today to acknowledge it :slight_smile:

Third rep was borderline, but he said he didn't help and it looks at least plausible from the video.

YouTube: Daniel Amon if you'd like to follow my journey to bench with the big boys as a 198er.


Always good to see lighter guys lifting some heavy weights. Nice Job! What's your bench routine like?



Currently 3x3 ramping sets, then one or more backdown sets based on RPE. I quit if I hit a 9+, which today was 365x6 paused. But I also have a really good idea of what I can do at this point because I've been benching 400+ for almost 10 years.

Accessory work on heavy bench day is floor or pin press, 2 or 3 sets of 5, again depending on RPE.

Light day is narrow grip for volume. One heavier set of 6, followed by 2 or 3 backdown sets of six. No bench accessories that day, but I do triceps or shoulder work and a strongman style overhead dumbell press for time (one arm).

I don't press overhead most of the year and will quit doing it the second my shoulders don't feel absolutely perfect. I also do back work pretty much every day I lift.

And I always move up by at least 5 pounds when I hit a target rep set.


Great set. Very impressive! Just out of curiosity, what can you press with dumbbells on flat and incline?


Nice work! 4 big wheels is no joke :slight_smile:


Yikes, it's been a long time. My gym has up to 150, and I've done those on flat. On incline I've done at least 130 for reps, but that was years ago at a gym that only had 130s.

I really only don't do these because I hate the setup.


Thanks boss!


"Heavy Triple" takes 405 x 3 for a ride...... Well played sir, well played :slightly_smiling:


Awesome work, very impressive.


very nice......2xBW press is rare. Respects!


username checks out


I'm gonna be honest...I made this username so that I could one day bench 405x3 post about it.

Thanks fellas.


I noticed you have a different username on that "other" forum.


Haha, I made that username when I was into bodybuilding and a least a year before I even knew what this site was. I started posting again after I had knee surgery because at that point the name made a lot more sense.


nıce strengh bro keep on !