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405lbs Close Grip Double Video


Thought I'd post this in here where people might appreciate it more. The spotter touched the third one so it doesn't count! I'm really happy, had't done this in years! My strength is coming back.


BADASS! Great lifting!




Well, I thought I had a good close grip. Great lifting.


Awesome! Great choice of music, too.


Thanx guys!


Goddamn. You're huge, dude. What's your height/weight?



Dude, that looked like you could've done 20.... That's impressive man. Props.


I'm 6' tall 274lbs and I have some other videos in there too. I'm working hard these days to get back to a 500lbs raw bench. I'll post a video of that too of course if I get it.


Where are you training in Qc?


Looking forward to it. You'll get the 500 for sure.


Props.....no doubt!


Looks like the Megagym in Quebec City, I may be wrong tough.

If you're in the area come and try Hard Gym located where the old Paladium was. A nice gym, douchebags less.

If you train during the day, let me know that would be nice if me and my partners could have just one bench training with you.

Crazy Strength by the way !


IT's a small gym in Châteauguay (south shore of Montréal). Definitely not the best place to work out but I don't feel like driving half an hour back and forth every time for a better gym!


wow that is really a CLOSE grip bench, strong


Strong man, Congrats! Look forward to more videos


powerful.. doing it in glasses made it even more badass in my opinion!


lol That's a first! There's been some arguing that its not a 'real' close grip, that's it's not really that good because I'm a big guy, that my techique is wrong and I should do this or that... But it's the first time ever, that someone mentions my glasses! lol


great lift. heres what i picked up on. the first 2 reps looked very very easy. but as soon as you went to your chest, without stopping a few inches short, thats when you couldn't move it. so, it seems right off your chest is the weak spot in the lift. have you ever done pin presses in the power rack. set the bar directly off your chest and just push it from there. it builds a great deal of power right off your chest.


Yeah, DFRELAT, you wouldn't want to miss in the upcoming close grip bench competition.

Are you having a senior moment, Mr. 400 year old vampire?