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405lb Deadlift Challenge


Way late to the party…

Last set: 1x5x405
Met Jesus on the last set, called it a day in the gym.

Got a souvenir…


It’s always a party if you try hard enough, well done.


Definitely wanna give this a shot in a couple weeks after my 10 week cube cycle is up


Part 2?

Redid the challenge today. Pulled 405 for 9 emom. Double overhand with straps. This beats my last attempt at 365x7. Who else can beat their last try?


Not me! Maybe by June?


Great work, man.

Once I recover from the godforsaken 20,000 pound challenge, I may do this as well.


I might have a go this weekend but I’d probably have to limit it to 20 minutes for the sake of my fellow gym goers. I think Ill go for 375 emom for 20 minutes. That being said, I will definitely attempt the actual challenge sometime down the road


i would be down to give this a shot, not this weekend as i have a planned deload but the next weekend (march 2)


I actually did this yesterday as my only assistance after squats! Double overhand no belt, 2 Emom for 30 min @405. Glutes, traps, mid back, and hands are very angry today. Interestingly, I felt form got better and better the further I got into it.


Did this again this morning just to see if I have made any progress since last time.
175= 1.5x BW(115lbs) or 78% of my 1rm
Made all 30 EMOM with 6 reps at the end!
So yes! Progress was made. It went much easier than last time and I should have thrown at least another 10lbs on the bar :slightly_frowning_face:




Can i do it or is it too late now? A single every minute right?


I assume you live in a free country. You can do this whenever you want.

Single every minute, max reps at the 30 minute mark.


Definitely, take a video if you can and post it up!


I really should do this again. Maybe on Friday evening, maybe for next week’s deadlift workout.


Me too. I struggled to get 6 but my current program had me doing triples with 405 with a minute rest between sets. Surely I can beat 6 now.


Still waiting for @flipcollar to give it a go! Also @guineapig this sounds like your thing?


I almost died last challenge. My life flashed before my eyes and I saw CrossFit Jesus cos I was in hell.

Might give it a go lol


Do it conventional tho lel



Dude you made my day!