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405lb Deadlift Challenge


Ha, ya, there’s definitely a lot of hype. Wendler posted a review of the program on Facebook from some random guy and it sounded pretty good.

I’ve always liked 5/3/1, but, at least in my experience, it takes quite a bit of trial and error to figure out how to incorporate it into an overall health/fitness plan. That’s true for every methodology, of course, it just sounds like Krypteia encompasses more than some of the earlier iterations. For me personally, conditioning has clearly been a missing link for far too long. For the first time in years, I fell like I’m actually moving forward.


Google WOD generator and there are a few sites that pop up. You can search for workouts/challenges by exercise, EMOM, AMRAP, etc. If you don’t like what pops up then refresh and try again.

That’s where I found “Linda”. It’s deadlift 1.5 BW, bench 1.0 BW, power clean .75 BW. You do 10 reps of each, then 9, 8, all the way down to 1.

I made it to 7 each and it took 29 minutes. I can’t deadlift 1.5 BW or bench my bodyweight for 10 reps so ALL of my sets turned into rest pause sets. It was not a conditioning workout but definitely got me some great volume with heavy (heavy for me) weights.

The EMOM with 2 cleans, 2 front squats & 2 push presses was a great workout. I completed it for 15 minutes. It pushed me to work while fatigued. They were the type of reps that I didn’t want to do but knocked them out as long as I kept telling myself to just fucking do it.

That’s the type of CrossFit stuff I like. I’m also making up my own as I go so I can hit the body parts that I want for each day.



EMOM 405 for 30 minutes

Minute 31 got an additional 6 for a total of 36 pulls at 405 w/ straps.

Felt really good until about 25, then my form started to deteriorate a bit, felt a slight lower back pump, but all in all I’m pretty happy with all 30 singles and the reps at the end, definitely glad we went with 30 minutes and not 2 hours haha


Awesome job man!

EDIT: So I think you did it slightly different in that the max reps was meant to be on the 30th set, not the 31st, but that’s absolutely fine.


Oh, good call, D for the win, ya?! haha I couldn’t recall if it was all out on the 30th, or 30 singles then all out, ah well, it all comes out in the wash!


Unofficially 30mins EMOM Singles, and 11reps on the 31st minute (If we count that last rep, lol)
Someone may want to count that to verify, I’m not trustworthy…


Here I was thinking you would die if you did what you had programmed, and you almost die doing the challenge. I gotta stop giving advice.


Fantastic job @littlesleeper! Very inspiring stuff. I’m going to count that as equal to @T3hPwnisher as you did an extra minute, but that wasn’t in the challenge lol, and you both got 11 reps. Does that sound cool to both of you?


In selecting an axle, I was already playing outside the ruleset here. Put @littlesleeper on top.


Well I’ll argue the extra stiffness of the axle increases the difficulty by more than just 1 rep in a minute…so you should be on top. lol


In conclusion following that intense debate, I declare you two still tied.

In any case it won’t matter when I get 12 reps… Lol


You’re a fucking animal


Came in with only 365 for 7 in the EMOM challenge. Started off with 5s pro:
265x5, 295x5, 335x5, 365x7 singles EMOM(failed on lockout of 8 due to grip failure, probably partly from doing farmers carries yesterday), then finished up with 185x3x10. Wanted to get the full BBB sets but I’ll gladly trade the last two sets for the heavy singles


Great job man!



6 reps on the redo. #6 felt awful but the video shows that I maintained a bit of form. Started recording at #3 b/c I only planned to record 1 rep as proof that I tried.



Great stuff! That last rep looked very solid to me man :slight_smile:


I did the challenge today and, to my great surprise, managed all 30 minutes. Unfortunately I failed my second rep on the final set just above my knees, but I’m still very happy with the result. I used a belt and mixed grip with 185kg (407lbs).

I’m really looking forward to seeing what damage my boy @MaazerSmiit can do with this!


Fantastic work dude!


Oh snap. Awesome job! Was there a particular minute marker where things started to get a little ‘iffy’?

My first 20 reps I felt like I could do the challenge all day, then 26-27 I remember thinking “I’m glad this challenge is capped at 30mins”.


Thank you sir! Yes for sure, it went in a few phases lol. Rep 1 felt like a speed rep, but each rep got harder until about rep 4 where I settled into a rhythm. I really thought at that point I was only going to get 5 or so reps because each rep was slower than the one before. Reps 5-12 weren’t as fast but they were all really solid. Starting at rep 12 my lack of conditioning really began to show lol, that’s when the sweat really started. Reps 12 to about 23 were pretty much as solid as before, but I was dripping sweat and breathing hard. After rep 23 I had to begin to grind more and more.

So for me there were 3 main phases: solid, sweat and grind. Lol.

@T3hPwnisher Thank you very much man, that means a lot!