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405lb Deadlift Challenge


Sorry to jump the gun, but with a contest in 2 months, this was the only time I could fit it in.

Went the full 30 minutes. On the 30th, I managed 11 reps, so 10 over minimum.

Used an Ironmind Apollon’s axle. Was technically 406lbs due to kilos and pounds combined.

Took video of the whole thing, minus rep 26, since my camera shut off at that point and I had to restart it. Will post when I have time to edit it.


My last tested 1RM is 400. And that was a year ago.
Count me in for 360.


Extremely impressive @T3hPwnisher, great stuff!


I’m hoping for like 3 reps, @T3hPwnisher uses a fucking axel and crushes it… lol…


In, should be a nice, humbling experience haha



Thanks dude! Appreciate you all coming up with the idea.

@usmccds423 You’ll kick ass too dude. It’s great to have something to shoot for.

Had some difficulty editing this. I wanted to keep the rest times in and just play them at a fast speed, but the file kept corrupting, so I ended up just getting every deadlift in there.

My camera cut out at minute 26 so I had to pull the rep, then turn it back on, so that got missed.


I’m in.


I’ll also add that I think this is a great challenge idea with the rules laid out as-is. If you can’t pull 405, all you need to do is pick a weight that is somewhere in between…

A weight that is very close to your max.

A weight that you can do reps with for a minute straight.

No matter your strength level, it will be hard.


I have a question regarding EMOM stuff.

How can you make sure you’re actually doing EMOM without a timer of some sort?

I don’t carry my phone or anything with me to the gym, so I figured I’d just assume it takes me about 3-5 seconds to set up and lift and so rest for 55 seconds after each set.

I don’t think it matters that much for singles, but how can you time correctly on sets that go on for a number of reps?


I don’t usually carry my phone with me to the gym either, but I will this time. My gym also has a clock with a seconds hand. I also have a stopwatch kicking around my house somewhere. Perhaps someone you know does too, and would let you borrow it.

I’m not trying to be a smartass, but we live in a world full of clocks. The solution is close I’m sure.


You buy a kitchen timer for $1


Burn 1 minute of a song onto your music player and put it on repeat. Start when the song repeats.


I recommend Lou Reed’s masterpiece, Metal Machine Music for that approach. I’ve marked the 1 min section I’d put on repeat.



Bring your phone (just this once)

Buy a cheap stopwatch (5 bucks)

Find the gym clock and watch it

Personally, I just bring my phone. As long as you’re mindful, it is not at all difficult. There are morons all over the gym actually talking on their phone and texting between sets, it is no big deal to keep your phone stashed in a sweatshirt pocket, or atop your gym bag, etc.


I like the 30 minute cap. And now Pwnisher gave me a baseline to work towards! Good stuff guys, can’t wait to get rolling on this. I’ve done 18 reps in a minute in competition on a deadlift bar, no straps. No idea if I’ll go with the axle or a regular bar for this challenge. If I use a regular bar, I’ll keep the straps off.


I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves - we all should do this challenge first, let’s say you can try as many times as you like, final score must be submitted by May 1 - but I have another idea that would increase “accessibility” while also making it tough for big/strong dudes in a hurry.

315 pounds as the weight

Set starts every minute on the minute

1 rep
2 reps
3 reps

Until you can no longer complete the prescribed reps within the time limit.

Like I said: 405 EMOM 30-minute challenge first.

Scores for this must be submitted by May 1.

After that, perhaps we can post up the 315-for-additive-reps challenge named above as a summer challenge (scores posted May-June or something).



When anyone else does the challenge, tag @furo so he can grab your score.

@furo: when someone posts a score, edit the first post to give the poster’s name and score, along with any relevant notes, i.e.

@T3hPwnisher: 30 minutes + 11 reps (axle bar, with straps)

That way all scores are lined up in post 1 at the top and we don’t have to continually search.


I like this challenge too. I know @Alpha just did something similar.


Did you have a seance with Satan himself recently or what, lol?


I wanted give this a run today to see if I can handle the volume but about 16 minutes in I was reminded that I’m fat and weak! 16 reps emom w/ 355lbs (conventional). Rep 17 stalled below my knees so I shut it down there. This was the first time I’ve ever tried something like this and I enjoyed it! Definitely going to try this again but I don’t think I’m in any danger of winning! Hahaha