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405lb Deadlift Challenge

Hello good people!

Over the past couple of years I’ve been doing some fun challenges in the training log section with ActivitiesGuy, jblues85 and MaazerSmiit, just to add some fun and variety to our training. We’ve come up with a plan for our next challenge and wanted to open it up to anyone else who might be interested in giving it a go.

Loosely based on a Dan John article the plan is for a 405lb/185kg deadlift single on the minute, every minute, for as long as you can - last man standing wins. We’ll probably aim to do this challenge in around 6-8 weeks time.

Would be great to make this as big as possible, if people are keen!

Results - 405lbs
Brady888: 30 minutes, 12 reps (belt, straps)
T3hPwnisher: 30 minutes, 11 reps (axle, with straps)
littlesleeper: 31 minutes, 11 reps (with straps, did 31 not 30)
MaazerSmiit: 30 minutes, 11 reps (straps for final set only, belt)
TwoJarSlave: 30 minutes, 10 reps (no straps)
Despade: 31 minutes, 6 reps (with straps, did 31 not 30)
furo: 30 minutes (belt, mixed grip)
ActivitiesGuy: 30 minutes (beltless, mixed grip)
Basement_Gainz: 11 minutes
JMaier31: 6 minutes

Results - Other
mackison: 16 minutes (355lbs)
lord_humongous: 30 minutes, 7 reps (315lbs)
ChickenLittle: 30 minutes, 5 reps (150lbs)
magick: 16 minutes (345lbs)
Usmccds423: 31 minutes, 5 reps (330lbs)

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Proposed addition:

To keep anyone from doing something stupid like staying at the gym for 2 hours trying to win, I recommend that we have a 30-minute time cap. As a tiebreaker for anyone that really wants to “win” the challenge, my lean would be that makes it to the final minute should perform as many reps as possible at that time.


I’ll play

And I like AG’s suggestion.

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I can probably only get 5 emom. So I’ll respectfully bow out.

That was my ace in the hole. Dang…


Me too haha! The idea is that this is open for everyone just as some fun. If you can deadlift 405lb once you are eligible man!

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Lol, to be honest I would love to just see how long I could last, but I’ve been thinking that it’s not fair to some people who may not be able to stay at the gym for 2 solid hours…like myself, since I work out at a CrossFit gym whose “open gym” sessions are only 1-2 hours at a time.

Oh, come on, part of the fun is that this is a fairly inclusive challenge. Who cares if brady does 29 singles and then another 18 reps in the final minute, while some of us may peter out around 4 or 5?

We kicked around a few other ideas, like scaling it to BW, or a % of 1RM, or we could even create our own classes:

“Novice” - 315 or 1.5xBW (whichever is lighter)
“Open” - 405 or 2xBW (whichever is lighter)
“Elite” - 495 or 2.5xBW (whichever is lighter)

The point is, it’s only a forum challenge and you should all do it because it’s going to be fun.


Alright. My max is only 425… so. I got 335×10 recently so why not.

I assume we need vid proof? By what date?

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I Marcello Ferri enters, we’re all hosed anyway. Dude can lift.


Good man! I’m not fussed about video proof to be honest, I’ll probably do it myself but it will be pretty dull to watch haha!

What do people think about the first week of May as challenge week?

I haven’t hit a 4 plate DL in a while…, but will give it a shot too.

…I’m using straps, though (ya, ya…)


Great, I hoped you’d be in!

In terms of equipment I think it’s a good idea to keep it relaxed. I’ll probably use a belt but no straps, but I really don’t mind if people want to wear them.

I could use a mixed grip I suppose…

I can’t do it with 405 but I might ‘unofficially’ take part and join in with like 225 or something.


Do it, this should be inclusive.

I have no problem with people using straps. I spent most of last year going with straps; now that I work out in a better gym with better bars where chalk is more permissible, I’ve gotten comfortable doing all my pulling mixed-grip.

Belt, straps, chalk all fine with me.

For some of our challenges we have done video, but this may not be as important because…well, those are going to be some long videos, lol (and my iPhone, being an older model, honestly might not have the storage for a 30-minute video). I think we can go on the honor system for this one.


Dead stop or touch and go?

I like this. I’ll use an axle and straps. I can probably get some video, since I have an old school camera.

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So, I am guessing dead stop.

I was actually responding to @ActivitiesGuy 's addendum about going for max reps at the 30 minute mark. Didn’t know if we were talking max dead stop or touch and go.


My bad!

You guys scared me for a second. T&G deadlifts every minute on the minute mean you need to hold the damn thing for 55 seconds between reps… that’d be a tough challenge with 135 lol.