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405lb Bench Press x 3 Reps



wow thats power! great work!


strong bench


You hadn't posted in a while... I was hoping the mods had finally banned you.


So you have lost strength from a year ago?


Really? Why?
There is plenty of stuff you could learn from him.


This would be impressive if you were 19


A better guy to learn from

Doesn't bounce his reps or need 3 spotters


lol damn rj


Why so much hate for this guy?


I'm a wondering why also. Is it the org. NASA?


No offense, but that guy doesn't compete @ 220. And bouncing or not in training, the dude has a monster competition bench.


We could learn from him if he ever posted anything helpful. All he ever does is post vids or pictures of him training in inzer sweatpants and climbs all over "Mister John Inzer"'s nuts. He posts for his ego and to advertise inzer.

I know I'm not the first person to notice this, either. :confused:


I still like lifting vids.


Getting ready for the upcoming Oct 17 Nasa Pro powersports Championship. More than $16,000.00 in cash up for grabs.

Thanks for the positive comment!


^ More advertising


for a power lifting competition.....

Seriously man.


And from what I read. The winner is whoever has the Highest Total regardless of weight?


The lifter with the highest coefficient is the winner. I have won the bench press event two years in a row and won more than $2000 in cash. My goal is to win it again in 2010.


PRIMETIME! i thought you'd done more in the past, were you injured?