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405 x 10 DL Check


Yeah, I know, pointless to put the weight in the thread title if I just want a form check, but it seems like those that do this get more responses. Anyways, I'm pretty clear on proper DL form (hips & knees rise at same time, back shouldn't round...), but still want some opinions because I haven't been DLing long, and my spinal/lumbar health is of great concern to me.

I am aware that the 10th rep was atrocious. I know, I make funny faces and grunt and stuff, so please feel free to make fun of me, but please don't give advice unless you know your stuff (I left bb.com for a reason). Alright, so let me have it!


Hmmmm, video didn't load... stand by.

*Edit: OK, it's there.


Form looks real good too me. I guess if someone wanted to be picky, they could say you stiff-legged the reps a little, but that's very minor. Nice job.


Good job dude. Hopefully I can get near to that weight/reps soon.

I personally wouldn't feel safe hitching up a last rep though, not without a belt anyway!


the last rep scared me. a little back curvature towards the end. props on bringing bar down with control


Thanks, guys.

eliasmavs99: Yeah, it was bone-headed, but I had to go for that nice, even, 10 instead of 9.

malonetd: You're saying that maybe I'm rising too quickly with my legs vs. with my back?


not too bad. maybe could have used a little more hip drive, get down in it a little lower perhaps


Form looks solid man. A conditioning coach once told me " If your shins are bleeding by the end of your deadlifts than your doing them right." and by the looks of it your shins should be pretty sore or red.


Thanks for the comment. I actually haven't torn them open in a while; it was happening every freaking time for a few months. Gotta love the guys that use this as an excuse to not deadlift.


I'm saying other people might say that. It's not "textbook" form in that you're not getting your hips very low in initiating the lift. But "textbook" form doesn't move big weights. People all across the country deadlift like that with no problem.

In short, I think your form is just fine, others may look for something to nitpick.


You mean, have my torso more upright and bend more with my knees? That's a big question I have: am I too far forward, am I too upright, or is my position OK?


x2 on that quote.

As for the fact that you were kind of stiff legging it i agree but i also agree that it is minor. If you wanted you could probably drop your butt/hips a little lower to get some more drive into it. just my .02


Bring your hips through a bit more at the end of each rep by fully activating your glutes.


Good job! Are your shoes flat? THey look like running shoes to me. If you go barefoot the bar travels less distance and you can push down with your heels more.


Yes, they are cushy Adidas running shoes. I do have racquetball shoes with flat soles if it really makes that much of a difference.


This has been said but as the reps go on you'll want to focus on dropping your butt and keeping your lower back tight as in the first couple reps in this video. I've done alot of high rep deadlifting, and typically even when the weights get higher I touch the shins very little and just graze the thighs. My arms are long allowing for a more vertical torso and higher hips at the bottom so what I experience vs. what you experience may differ quite a bit.

How many reps can you do at 315? 495? How often do you go as high as 10 reps in the dl? Do you ever go higher?


First allow me to say good work on the DL's.

I agree with your analysis of what malonetd stated. Have you considered losing the straps and reseting after each lift? The set takes longer to accomplish but it may help you focus on technique and stay tighter in the hole.

I think straps with the 2 overhand grip forces more back rounding due to the weight of bar pulling your back forward unless you have strong upper back muscles to counteract which will help you keep good posture during the lift.


Yeah, this does seem to be a recurring observation, so it sounds like I should give it a try. I have no idea how many I can do with 315 any more, and really haven't tried with anything heavier than 405.


I hate using bare under/over (I used to hate straps, but now I love them), but I see what you're saying. I try to keep my back straight, but at the end it is hard to keep it from sagging.


Sets of 10 are probably not the greatest way to judge technique. In fact, I see very few lifters that that pull reps with good technique at all. Unlike squats or benching, it is really hard to fall into a good-tight rep groove with pulls.