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405 Squat


Just getting back in the hang of things at the gym. Legs are feeling good again so i am starting to go heavier , enjoy !!!

One day i hope to squat 5 plates clean !


Cool, but if you want to get love on this board you are going to have to:

1.) Squat deeper
2.) Make sure your videos are right-side up.


Legal depth means the hip crease needs to be lower than the top of the knee cap.


Turn your toes out a little and push your knees out hard during the whole movement, that will help you get a lot deeper. That being said, the rest of your body is in ok position. Its a whole new ball game when you are hitting correct depth though. And for God’s sake, get a better camera angle.


Get new shoes while your at it.


The depth looks pretty standard for someone who has never worried about depth. Transitioning over to a slightly deeper squat shouldn’t take too long. And it’ll get you much better responses when you post videos!


thanks everyone for the input ! I realize i need to get a bit deeper, sorry about the camera angle too !!! I dont know why it uploaded like that.

what is wrong with the shoes though ??? lol , i will definately try taking your advice about turning my toes out a little and pushing my news out hard during the movement.

thanks again for the input , i will post another video ( hopefully the right camera angle …) of going lower next leg day.

thanks again




lol , yes , yes i am , my name is peter …


They made the comment about the shoes because squatting in cross trainers is just not optimal. Most guys opt for Chuck Taylor’s, wrestling shoes, Olympic lifting shoes, etc. to squat/deadlift in because you are transferring force through a non-compressible sole.


You look to be 2-3 inches above parallel…though it’s a tad difficult to tell with the video sideways. Definitely get flat soled shoes, and until you do, squat in socks.

Your form isn’t atrocious though, I’ve seen MUCH worse on a regular basis. Keep pushing it hard, and keep video taping yourself so you can get that depth dialed in at a lighter weight, then work your way back up in weight.


Also you try to get deeper at the end but your just bending over more like a goodmorning. Try sitting back more.


thanks for the input guys , i will post my next squating day in a day or two , i will make sure i go deeper , and until i get powerlifting shoes , i will squat in my socks … look forward to more critiques , it really helps me , and i found the video taping keeps me honest