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405 Deadlift Reps?


I'm bored at work, normally when I get too 405 on my deadlift set I do singles up too my max, well today I just stopped at 405 and finally tried some reps. My question is, how many 405 reps should I theoretically be able to do if I'm trying for 495 max ? I got 6 reps of 405.


For myself I believe I got 7 around the same time I got a 500 deadlift.

Of course, it varies from person to person.


I hit 6 reps at 405 while doing a single at 495 in a similar time frame.


A 1RM calculator puts it at about 8 reps. It mostly depends on what your used to doing. If you mostly do singles it may be more like 6. If your always doing 8 reps would be a reasonable goal for 405 before moving up to 495.


ive been working on reps on conventionals and singles on sumo's, i was hit only about 5 reps or so with 405 when i was pulling 495 last year, right now im at 475 on sumo and havent really done more than 3 or so reps on heavy reps, but i will be testing reps next week. Also anyone do crazy volume for deads? im rocking 4x10 on conventionals after sumo's but its also the only thing i do on mondays is deadlift.


I can do 14 reps with 405. I can only 1RM 510.
It's a form thing.
High reps don't build strength off the ground.


IF you do dead stop reps its incredible for strength off the ground


Hell, I think I could only do like 5 reps when I did 495, but I was working on a lot of heavy stop-and-go doubles, triples and singles at the time.


I never do anything but dead stop reps.

Maybe I'm wrong about strength off the ground not being built.

All I know is that high reps with heavy weight build strength but until you get technique in line (technique is almost inevitably degraded during sets of 12-20) you can't demonstrate that strength in 1RM terms. I'm happy to ride out the 5-3-1 and take it is far as it can go. I've been on it since march 2010 and would be happy to stay on it until march 2012. By which point I would be using 270kg/600 for my 1+ week's top set! :slight_smile:


Its a form and a muscletype thing. A year or so ago I started doing only singles on deadlift. I was better at squat and bench, lifts with the eccentric phase, so I wanted to focus differently on the deadlift. Because of this and because of my muscle type, I cannot do reps for shit.
The last raw cycle i did i got a 575 raw dl, but i cant do but maybe 2-3 solid reps with 405.


405*14 in 50 seconds uses some endurance fibres? or is it still type II fibres but the slower twitch ones?


Wendlers 1rm estimate formula in his 5/3/1/ book says 7 reps gets 499 (E)1RM.

Better yet, throw 495 on the bar and smash that shit bro...then call it the "Louisville1982 1 RM estimator" lol

4 wheels for 7,8,9 reps is cool but 5 wheels is cooler..PERIOD!!


Rep calculators don't work IMO. Doing 495 is a better indication of how many reps you'll get with 405 as opposed to the other way. I've been doing mainly singles for awhile now. I tried the trap bar, easier I kno, and did 15 reps with 405. I stopped because I just felt like it. 20-25 is in the bag. This was with low handles, even with the center hole btw.

Eric Cressey did 25 with a trap bar and high handles when he was doing about mid to upper 600s. I've recently done 585. what does this mean?

I really don't know other than heavy weights allow for reps more than reps allow for heavy weights.


better yet, put non the 2.5s and do 500 already. Pounds are cooler than kilos. Just as inches are cooler than cms. 34 D is cooler than 86.36.


405x12 pulled an easy 525 a few weeks later


Very true. Who said anything about kilos tho?


I prefer to test my reps with 35.7 stones.


Just being proactive, but if you're five pounds away from a hundred, go for that, not five plates. 405 is better than 400 because it's four plates. 585 is six plates. 600 is to far off to just jump to that. so when I see the five plate stuff, I'm thinking just be proactive and do 500.

As for pounds vs kilos, I do realize it wasn't brought up, but it's a slippery slope from five plates with 45s to five plates with 2o kilos. Next thing you know you'll be watching soccer and carrying a man purse.

My rules, go for a new 100 level if you never have. Go for plates at 2, 3, 4, 6, and seven. Never 5. 5 is so close to five hundred that you just do 500.

Man don't you young guys know these OCD rules that have been passed down forever?


While endurance and strength are related, I think the correlation between the two varies greatly from lifter to lifter.

Personally I'm a little gun-shy when it comes to repetitions on the deadlift with heavy weight. Don't get me wrong, I'll go for a heavy single or triple, but consider: if your max deadlift is 495, that would put 405 at somewhere around 81-82%...if you subscribe to prilepins work, that says that your sets should be 2-4 reps each with an optimal total around 15.

Maybe I need to man up, but guess-timating I do most of my work with deadlift variants using around 60% max...off boxes, stiff legs etc. to hammer the weak-links more.


Even if you do stop at the bottom, it's hard to calculate the max deadlift based on reps just due to the nature of the lift.

On the start of the second rep and afterwards you've stored up some kinetic energy lowering the weight to the ground after your last rep, which is why often on a rep set the first rep will be harder than the second.

Also one reason some guys only train with singles.