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405 Deadlift Form Check


Hey All ...
I tried to post this on my other thread about this but the link wouldn't work so I decided to start a new one...

Any critiques would be appreciated

405 Deadlift PR @ 196 Bodyweight


Looked easy for you.. nothing else much to say.


I don't really conventional deadlift but isn't your chest supposed to be pumped out throughout the whole movement?


Maybe get your hips a bit lower at the start. Otherwise, I agree with the above poster - looked easy. A DL that goes up in 3 sec. is not MAX. You got lots left in you.



Post video of your 440 DL max please so we can properly evaluate.


pumped out?


Your form looked solid. You also have a few more pounds in you. Probably not 35 like the people above are suggesting, but I think 415-425 would have succeeded. Try not to spend so much time bent over before initiating the pull though, that might be stealing a few pounds from you.


USE MORE WEIGHT! That looked too easy. You shoud have posted a video of pulling 405 for about 2-3 reps. My only suggestion would be to get a nice belt. A belt adds quite a bit to my squat and deadlift.