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405 Deadlift, 225 Squat


I can Deadlift 405 like 2-3 times, rep 365 6-7 times, but my working weight on squats is like 225 I can do 275 like 1-2 times, I dont understand why this is, I mean I can bench more than I squat. Its not like I slack on legs, its the first muscle group I do every week, but I find I am lacking a mind muscle link with my quads. What I mean is when I squat I go down and when I am going up I really don't fell like flexing my quads. On every other muscle I do, Chest, arms , shoulders and back. I can feel the muscle working, but not on my legs. My form is perfect I made sure of it, feet shoulder width with toes slightly pointed out..

It is really frustrating me I mean I know everyone has a weak spot and legs are mine but this is ridiculous. I really cant feel my quads when I am squatting I go down and drive up, but not really felling my quads work..like I do on leg extensions..Could it be weak abs? I mean if my abs were that weak how can I dead so much.. I dont use a belt either..


Get a video and people can help you more. If your goal is to be able to move more weight than you're not going to be squatting with your quads nearly to the extent as your posterior chain. What you think is "perfect" probably isn't so get a video and get a critique.


First of all, the squat is primarily a glutes and hamstring movement, not a quads as many may think. Granted if your stance is really close you will utilize quads, but close stance squats are not heathy on the knee joint in the long run. Try squatting with a wider stance and really focus on sitting back and feeling it in your glutes and hamstrings! Box squatting will really emphasize this for you. Quit trying to the find the "mind muscle" connection with your quads, because that's not the targeted muscle anyways. My quads are NEVER sore after a heavy day of squatting and I'm a 400+ lb squatter; however, my posterior chain is very sore. Good Luck! Invest in some chuck taylors also this will help you to drive through your heels and sit back


I doubt your form is perfect if you are having trouble squatting bigger weight. That is usually the problem with the squat, if you're legs are getting bigger/stronger and your squat isn't improving. Videos would be nice.

Try some higher rep squatting. Maybe try ramping up to a hard set of 15 reps, usually will do the trick when trying to "feel" your quads. Also try pre-exhausting with some quad exercises, being sure to really flex hard. Personally I like to squat last and front squat at that if I'm trying to hit my quads hard. That is, if you're trying to build bigger legs.

How tall are you?

It is a different matter if you're trying just to squat big weights. If that is the case it is my understanding that the quads are not nearly as important as glutes and hamstrings.


Bro don't worry about 'feeling your quads.' Just get on a strength program and get your squat stronger.

Some people are natural squatters whiles others need constant training to get to a level where you can make gains.

In before the 'bodybuilding community' comes in and saturates this thread with advice saying you don't need to squat to get big quads. You can listen to them and go that approach or you can really make an effort to increase your squat numbers. Your choice.


We definitely need a video of both.
I had similar problems (high dead, weak squat) and it was due to hyperextension of the low back, tight hips flexors, and awkward shoulders (my back could get the job done during deadlifts but couldn't handle the stability [shoulder shelf, hip depth] necessary for the squat). After fixing these problems, pressing through my heels has never felt the same. Videos.


lol wat? why are people saying you shouldnt be feeling quads? you should feel EVERYTHING


Try front squats, for your quads?


you ever consider not squating? If your goal is hypertrophy try something else.



If you're goal is a bigger squat, then go to PL section and get some advice there.

If your goal is bigger quads (ie. BB'ing perspective) and squats aren't doing it for you, then squats shouldn't be your primary quad builder. That's not to say they can't be in your routine, but obviously they're not a primary contributor to your quad growth, so start experimenting with squat variations (leg width, front squats), walking lunges, LP's, Leg Extentions, etc..


There is not one single "right" way to squat, even though the internet powerlifting snob community would have us believe this is the case.

Squatting to lift as much weight as possible, and squatting to make the quadriceps bigger are two different things. Yes, if you squat with a powerlifting technique you will be using your glutes/hamstrings/lower back a great deal, but that does not mean it is the ONLY way to squat or that squats must ONLY use these muscles.

I stopped squatting wide and using other powerlifting ques because I wanted squats to build up the front of my thighs instead of just my hips and ass. You can narrow your stance to shoulder width (or closer), keep your back straight (and don't stick your butt out), your knees pointed straight ahead, and so on in order to focus on the quadriceps.

It also should be said that everybody is different, in limb length and body structure, so the squat may just not be a great lift for you. I remember when I was deadlifting 405, my squat was at 365, so the two have always stayed pretty close. My bench press is the lift that suffers for me. For my training partner (complete opposite body shape), his squat and his bench press have always been fairly close to one another. Everybody is different.


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If you think this is all it takes to squat with perfect form I suspect your form isn't so perfect. Do what LiquidMercury said and post a vid.

Deciding that squats aren't working for you isn't something you do when you're struggling with 225 for a few reps. Maybe when you're repping out 4 plates or so.


I was you 6 months ago.

I had the exact same problem.

My problem was i was placing the bar to high on my back which was fucking me up. i lowered the

and made my stance slightly wider.

i also start by warming up my hamstrings with lying leg curls. Body weight squats, and stretching out my hips etc.

This helped immensely. I have added over 100lbs to my squat because of this.

I am not a pro whatsoever when it comes to squatting, but i have been where you are and

this is how i kinfa fixed my problem. Hope it helps.


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I found that walking lunges really opened up my hips and stretched my hamstrings. After about a month of lunges 2x weekly I added 100 lbs to my squat. All programming.


...And then he added 100 pounds to his squat in one month. Does this seem odd?


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not really. If something was really holding him back, addressing the problem can be like freaking magic.