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405 Bench Press and Knee Push-ups


Is this guy onto something or is he just full retard?

So im in the gym and I notice this guy with a "body builder type" - esque build. So as im working out I notice him head to the bench lifting some impressive weight 405 lbs 3 and half reps with a spotter..........bravo. But then I notice he does the strangest thing. He gets on the floor and does some pushups after his sets..................on his knees!!! Wtf blew my mind army standards for women allow them to do pushups on there knees.

He couldnt of re habbing an injury. I was just completely dumbfounded by the fact this guy went from conan sword swinging decapitation aura to straight richard simmons.



Maybe he does it to just get blood flowing into his chest after the big pressing... Could be that he feels he gets more isolation/stimulation out of knee pushups Vs regular pushups?

But yeah that would be strange to see lol


Push ups have all kinds of variations

military push ups are not the only option


I actually have a friend in college who does something similar... He benches around 340 for reps, and he does about 4 or 5 straight sets. After his first set, he immediatly does pushups with his feet elevated. The second or third set he goes to regular pushups. Then the last set or 2 he does a set og knee-pushups after benching. He's got a really developed chest, and he gets a crazy pump in his chest from doing it, so maybe these guys are onto something... lol


Finally, anecdotal evidence that bench press isn't functional. He can press 405 but can't even do pushups.


maybe but it was just odd seeing this....I guess it would help with the blood flow and hitting it from another direction but I dont see it as beneficial as regular pushups.


True but in the army , these pushups are for women only as women have a hard time with the pushup I just did a set of these knee pushups and I didnt feel anything difficult it was quite easy even with focused contraction reps.

also to note the guy simply laid in the corner sweating profucsely - stumbled upon theory maybe he pulled something and got injured in the movement and did them to to help witht he injury who knows............



who knows man.

this is odd. but,it could be the way he stretched his chest after pressing? I do a wall push up after chest exercises.


I firmly believe 1 of 3 things it might be

  1. He is gay lol no offense to anyones sexual orientation - its only gay if you look them in the eyes ..no homo

  2. He strained or pulled a muscle benching said reps

  3. It is some secret super soldier captain america super serum excercise that only he and the red skull knows




He can bench 405, he can do whatever he wants


maybe his spotter was really good at rowing 405lbs. that would explain why he could only do pushups from his knees.




he is bigger than you, whatever he is doing is working.

if you have that much time to pay attention to other's people training you aren`t focused on your own.


Maybe he is so huge his upper body weighs more than 400lbs so doing them on his knees is like benching 200-300.


Kinda at a lose for words on this one. How many did he do? Like 150 of them? Other wise I have no earthly idea why after blasting 405 you would do push ups on your knees. Unless he went to failure with the bench and wanted to add a high number of push ups for the pump. Last thought is maybe this cat has back problems. He gets support from the bench when pressing but can't handle the instability of the push up. Just my 2 cents


sorry I cant help the fact the benches are 5 feet apart from each other.......next time ill completely avoid that portion of the gym when he enters


he did like 10 or so but kaisermental is thinking I counted his reps because I lost focus on my workout.

Your theory actually might be it who knows just wanted to see from expirienced people if what he was doing had any benefits and it was a funny site to see.




A couple of things. 1. Unless they changed the standards, women just have to do fewer pushups than the men, but not on their knees. 2. Maybe they were one handed clapping pushups, which are hard to do from the knees.


Who cares? :o) I've seen big guys doing pushups on bench after heavy sets of bench press. And they were big, got pump from hands on the bench pushups, and I was weak and small compared to them, so I didn't care.