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402.5kg Raw Squat (Knee Wraps)


Thought you lot might be interested in this from the IPF facebook page. Great squat and great depth.


Excellent. He and I have a similar setup.


Not even a monolift, nice


Holy shit.




I think the most impressive thing is the smooth way he comes back up


I'll just leave this here.


Good Stuff right there....both clips!!




The most impressive thing about that video is the six and a half mile walk he did from his seat to the platform while wearing his knee wraps.


Fuck powerlifting, wrapwalking is the future of strength sports


That's beast-spec.


holy SHIT! good depth, too


it would be interesting to see those people try a limit front squat without equipment . same for many 1000 pounds squatters


but of course powerlifting squat is what it is . a compound lift .


Lol walking so much after being wrapped, this guy's crazy.


1:36 original post. Vid dies -.- lower right corner


LOL nice spot.


WTF is up with green dude at 2:08?


That's exactly what I was thinking. I can't stand being more than 10 feet away from the platform when I get my wraps on. At the gym I'm right next to the rack, there is no way I'm going to be in wraps for that long.