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400mg Test Blend

I found a blend with 400mg test per ml. Being as most are 200-250mg per ml would all the test be able to dissolve in solution?

Yes. T400 requires a higher BA / BB content to help the extra test dissolve, that is why T400 is often a little painful. Also the blend of various esters allows for more to be dissolved in solution.


Right on.

Some places T400 is great and doesn’t hurt too bad. Other places, you better be cutting it with something else when you inject or you will be limping around for a few days. A lot of times it comes out way cheaper mg for mg though, so sometimes it is worth it.

The test 400 i usually get is great. it tests out to 350mg’s and still is thick as honey if it was 400 it couldnt even be pulled out. The one i always use just has 25mg test prop and the 325mg’s left over are divided half and half with enanthate and cyponate.

i dont know if that helped i dont know what brand you have but ive never had a problem with mine its just a little painfull for a couple days at the injection place but just like the other person posted in response to you its more test for your buck so thats definetely good