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400m Sprints Causing Shin Pain

Hi, CT

I’ve been doing sprints of 400m 2x a week for some time, as described by you in an article …

But this has been causing me a problem, stress of the tibial medial.

I do not know the correct name used by you, but it is a strong pain of the tibial bone in the frontal area.

I believe you have seen many athletes go through this in sprint, impact …

Do you have any tips?

I do not use remedies, anti-inflammatories and etc.

Please, thank you.

Don’t know what the volume, frequency and intensity of your sprints are. But for these kind of movements a proper progression is advised. Perhaps it would be a good idea to seek out a sprinting coach. He can help you build a safe progression and help you out with sprinting technique. Bad technique can mess you up big time, especially when combined with overloading. Take care! :slight_smile:

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I started with 1x per week doing 4 sets.

with time I went to 2x in the week between 4 to 5 sets.

what really changed was the rest between the series. Shorter rest time

I already had this pain 5 years ago while playing basketball.

I do not take it as a sport. I do not want. It’s just fun.

Experts here say to take anti-inflammatories.

“I do not know the correct name used by you…”; look up symptoms and treatments for ‘shin splints’.

we call here: canelite

in the past, I have taken anti-inflammatory, I have been without impact exercises for 3 months, but always when returning, even gradually, the pain returned. (this 5 years ago)

I’m not made to run.

in most cases, it is recommended to stay away from workouts, take anti-inflammatories, ice …

before even starting the 400m sprint, was walking for long distances and running 1 to 2km …

then I went on to 12-minute races, trying to reach the goal of 2800km

and soon after I started at 400m.

never more than 2x a week.

I’ve done it for fun, and I’ll probably become a cop. It is necessary to take a test of 2800km in 12min

Bad anatomy can cause this. It sounds like a repeat problem for you so I’m guessing you either have an obvious weakness (bad mechanics or actual muscle weakness/imbalance) or improper footwear. If your shoes cause/allow you to over pronate then it causes a bad chain reaction up the leg. It can cause your arch to collapse and that “pulls” on the tissue above it and is usually observed when you get shin splints.

Start with getting your feet evaluated by someone who knows what they’re doing. I went to a running store and they helped me find the right shoes for my foot. Some places even have treadmills so you can actually run in the shoes before you buy them.

Why did you start at 400m and not a shorter distance? How fast are you running 400 meters? Are you running on a track?

I have this type of footprint:

I do not know how they say there.

I already used a broker insole but I did not see a difference

That’s awful. Figure out a way to fix it. I have flat feet but I don’t collapse that bad. I have the Brooks Beast shoe. They put my feet in the correct position and make a big difference in how my knees feel.

I started with walks, evolving to small runs of 1km, 2km and 12min running …

and then I got 400m.

last time I did 1:09 minutes in 400

I run on the sidewalk, it has a 400m mark.

I do not have flat feet.

but maybe I’ll find another insole.


see a photo of my legs.

to get a feel for the footprint

You can have a good arch but it will collapse if your shoes don’t support it.

Also, concrete is a terrible running surface…like the worst. It beats you up more than anything.

A lot of people run on the streets and sidewalks and have no problems, but you’re getting injured and the running surface could be a factor.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the cause of your pain but good shoes and a softer running surface might help. Keep researching remedies for shin splints. There’s probably a muscle strengthening component out there that could help too.

thank you.

but here there is no running surface

remedies I do not use more, even more anti-inflammatory.

Maybe I should correct this footstep.

A 70 secondish 400 isn’t sprinting. My guess is that you are plodding on an unforgiving surface.

There is sprinting technique, for sprinting, but you aren’t sprinting and there is running technique which is what you are doing.

my last sprint was 1:09 minutes

I do not use special technique, I just run …

400m is a very long distance to start at. Start out with 30-50 meter sprints. Work your way up over a few months.

See a podiatrist. Store-bought insoles are garbage. You’ll have your feet examined and a plaster mold taken to make custom orthotics. I had flat feet and horrible tendinitis for years and it was fixed by a good podiatrist. As a supplemental measure, give your calves plenty of attention and also perform dorsiflexion exercises. Shin splints suck, but it’s more often than not a weakness, a form issue, or both that’s causing them.

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I need performance for a 12min run.

30 and 40m shots will not help me.

I decided to try the 400m because I found the article interesting, I still had hope of sending some muscle. = D

Yes, I believe that store insoles are a dump.

I found this cast of plaster interesting.

I’ll search, but maybe the podologos is not advanced that way here … haha