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400m running man article question

CT,I compete in amateur strongman and my curent routine is weight training on mon and wed and event training on sat. I’d like to incorporate the 12 week periodization into my training. Should the running be done on workout days or on non-workout days. Thanks for your time.

It depends on the type of running. In an ideal world (meaning in a world where you have time to split your workout into two daily sessions) intense running (sprints, accelerations etc.) should be done the same day as weights and lower intensity running for more distance (tempo running, 200m, 400m etc.) should be done on a day of its own. If you don’t have time for this, you can perform the 400m the same day as a weight session, but AFTER the weights. Whereas the sprints would be done BEFORE a weight session.


if the goal of doing the program is fat loss, would it still be ideal to put the sessions on the same day as lifting?