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400m of Pain

This week I’m going to begin adding 400m sprints into my training. For the past year I’ve been doing interval training with pretty good success(warmup jog-5min, sprint-30sec, rest-90sec (x6-8), cooldown jog-5min), but now I really want to bring my athleticism to another level. I’m probably going to do 4-6 400m sprints 2 times a week and IBUR once a week. That being said, after some dynamic stretching and rope skipping, is walking enough of a warm-up to the sprints or should I jog some?

definitely jog some, having experiecne with the 400 since its one of the events i do, if you don’t get your legs warmed up through a nice jog, then your going to be feeling uber tightright from the get go.