400lb Squat In 12 weeks?

Ok so I just got through my 4th week of training. My first week was rather lite. Next week I hit the weights a harder. Then My 3rd week I was repping 300lb on Deads (5x5) and I did 255lb (5x5). So this Week on Deads I repped 315lb (3x5) and yesterday I did a bit more on Squats. I warmed up at 225lb did (1x15) then I did 265lb 1x5 and felt really good. so I thought I would see what I could do. I did 285lb 1x4 then I was like fuck it and jumped up to 300lb and did 2x3.

Now I know every one is going to ask “what is your form like” “how low are you going” and what not. When I was in high school I had really good couches that would just say “…1…1…1…1” Untill you did one write so I had good form drilled into me. If its not Butt too calf its not right.

Ok so my thoughts are that in 4-6 weeks I want to hit 350lb and in 8-12 weeks want to hit 400lb. Is that shooting to High to Fast? In high school I was deading 505ld and Squating 450lb (witch I am 5 years removed from and I have always been in good shape untill the last year.)

Muscle Memory is a beautiful thing, as long as you train effectively and of course rest and eat decent it is reasonable to assume you can return to old benchmarks.

You’re the only one who knows what you’re capable of. I think 12 weeks is long enough to make sizable inroads on your old strength levels. Muscle memory is in your favor. Just avoid the temptations to make huge jumps. You should be working each lift frequently, every 3-4 days at least until you get close to your old levels. Then you may have to go heavy, light or something.

If you want to add 100# in 12 weeks, that’s 24 workouts. Add 5# each workout and you’ll make it.