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400lb 14 Year Old


Here is the link but what I found hit the nail on the head when she states that she has to change her lifestyle/life.

The other point was that she is past the "morbidly obese" stage. I didn't even know that was possible.


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Past morbidly obese = dead?


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I shouldn't... no... it's too obvious....

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She'd just eat it.


What the hell.....That's messed up, how has this country gotten to the point that there are morbidly obese teens? It wasn't that long ago that there was one or MAYBE two fat kids per class and now it's the norm for most the kids to be fat and there are a few morbidly obese kids. It's sad/sorry.


^^there is a place in hell for you...lol...

^Captain obvious strikes again. Now we just have to wait for the gov'ment to notice...


So she complains that other people dont understand. That they think its as easy as getting on a tread mill.
Whoops, I thought it was that easy.


Fat kids still and always will get made fun of dont see what the big deal is and this almost always causes teh fat kid to want to lose weight and they do.


She was overweight starting at the age of three! And if you click on a link in the article they have pictures of her over 14 years.

Even if she does loose the weight and gets down to 150, the excessive skin will be her next issue.

Chris Shugart mentions his article of fat people that its the parent to blame to a point too. If your parents only feed you garbage for your youth, that is "normal" for you.

Drives me nuts.


V-Diet. She'd lose like 200+lbs lol


haha can you imagine?.....the SKIN???


I could upholster my couch with it, lol. SHEETS


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Im surprised CPS doesn't have something to say about this.

That is clearly child endangerment even by the pussy standards of the general public.




If she does lose it, her skin is still somewhat young and would recover a little bit, but good hell! Not that much!

My wife would know where she is coming from. My wife weighed 180 lbs. at the age of 14, but now her pic is in the Sexy GF/Wives Thread. She struggles with food constantly, but she's made a complete turnaround. I agree with the statement that it is the parents' fault. My wife's parents were never around and she was raised by a nanny until she was 12. Her parents and nanny gave her everything she wanted out of guilt.


The parents are at fault but that argument can really only go so far in this case, it's not like she is 200 pounds. She's 400 pounds, she probably got that way by supplementing her diet with young children and explorers who, due to her size, mistook her for the Temple of Doom.

Something is fucked up with her and her parents if no one seemed to think, hey 300 pounds isn't chubby and doesn't signal any real alarms, let's raise the bar, and so on and so forth. I'm astonished it took her to get to 400 pounds before she said enough is enough.


Man... Not enough tough love in that family. Poor kid. She desperately needed straightening out when she was 4 or 5 years old. There would have been constant and horrendous crying for months on end, but it might have saved her from a lot worse now.

I read the article though. Sadly, it looks like she is still not being properly helped. She thinks that losing the weight via surgery will make her fit... Well, it might save her life, but she'll still be pretty sickly if she doesn't get some exercise.

And stomach surgery doesn't work without at least some lifestyle change... The eventual size of the stomach is about 6 oz. If you eat 6 oz. of chocolate every hour, you can still be morbidly obese. Damn. Hard to read something like this about another human being while knowing there is nothing you can do to help.