400kg Deadlift At 20 Years Old

Kid is a tested athlete under team GB


Phenomenal strength for a 20 year old, or any age.
That said, I don’t see that as a legal lift in any federation I had known. (I know there are some competitions that allow straps, but I didn’t know there were some that allowed the bar to stop, and even drop a little.)
But nonetheless, phenomenal strength.

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Yeah 100 agree. Not a “powerliting” dead lift. But it would pass in strong man.


This will not count in powerlifting, in stongman, it is legal. It is posted in the strongman section, so I assume he is training for strongman.

I know a few strongman competitors, and they actually work on hitching on occasion.



That’s incredible. I don’t know if any 20 yr olds anywhere in the world deadlifting that much.

I wonder if thats a world record at that age

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Closest I can think of is Kevin Nee hitting 410 at age 22-23

Martin Wildauer (Austria, strongman) also deadlifted 400 kg at 20 years old.

That was in 2008 and I don’t think there’s any record of that particular feat before that.



Might not hold up in a powerlifting competition, but this is insanely impressive for that age.