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4000kcal Low Carb Example Diet?


I want to put together a new diet plan consisting of 4000kcal, but as i want to go low carb i'm finding it hard to get the calories in (i always end up eating too many carbs just to ge tthe calories up). Does anyone know of any 'example' low carb bulking diets that i could use as a base for my diet?


eat foods low in carbs?

meats, nuts, fish, oils

what is low carb to you?


I was thinking trying ~30-40 grams of carbs a day for a while, but i dont know what sorts of meals i need to put together. Once i remove things such as rice, potatos, and pasta from my diet my meals seem to become hugely limited!


well yeah, that's why going that low-carb is tough, let alone with 4,000 cals.

What are your goals? Eating that many cals I would assume weight gain, which begs the question, why that low with carbs?


Use lots of greens and roots to add volume to your meal. Turnips and kale. Things like that.


He's not looking for volume of food, but rather volume of calories, he's looking for 4k calories


Eat lots of meats. Beef fills you up nicely. Though I'm the type of person who doesn't really need variety, I don't mind eating the same things.


Take a look at the anabolic diet. I was only able to follow it for a month at about 3800-4000cal/day.


4000kcals??? How big are you? What are your stats? Body comp stats, not lifting stats.


10 whole eggs
3 oz peanut butter
12 oz pot roast beef
12 fl oz heavy cream
1.2 fl oz olive oil
22 fl oz whole milk

about 338g fat, 40g carb, 200g protein and 4000 cals.


why are you planning on eating 4,000 calories of only low carb foods? Why would you not ad carbs in there?


okay guys, i've been checking out the anabolic diet and flicking through the ebook, i like the sound of doing a low carb diet as i've never really tried it before. Rather than going super low carb through the week and going high carb on the weekends, i think i will just do a continuous lowish amount of carbs throughout the week. My goal is still weight gain but this will be more of an experiment - to see if i can continue to gain whilst maintaining a lower bodyfat, and to see if the high fat intake effects my strength gains at all. 4000Kcal is probably about 500cal more than im eating atm, although i dont really keep track, im upping the calories to try and get out of a plateau.

As for my stats im 21 years old, 185cm, 200lb, bodyfat i would estimate at 12-14%



you don't need to be on a low carb diet at that level of leanness unless you are looking to step on stage.

if you want to get bigger, eat carbs.

If you want to stay the same, just do whatever your doing now, i don't see the value in trying to up cals without carbs


Agreed. This guy is not aty a stage where he should be trying this hard to avoid carbs in his diet. If he was over 290lbs and trying to get stage ready, then that would be different.


yeah, seriously man, if you're going to be eating 4,000 calories of food a day, why the hell would you deny yourself foods that will aid in serious muscle growth, make you healthier, and make living easier? I advise a carb cycling approach.


Are we all looking at the same pictures? This guy doesn't even need carb cycling in my opinion, at least not yet. If he even needs 4,000cals a day, he simply needs to work on getting that food in and make adjustments as needed. You worry about cutting back on carbs if you are gaining fat too easily. However, treating carbs like the devil when you aren't even at an intermediate level makes no sense.


upon seeing the pictures....your not all that large dude. lean; yes. but large, no.

low carb dieting isn't what you need to grow.


Ah ok thanks for the input guys! What sort of percentages of macronutrients would be ideal?


....and 4,000kcals is probably too much. What do you do for a living? Are you a student? At 200lbs and meeting you in the middle at 13%BF your LBM is around 174lbs. To gain, that's around 3,100 to 3,300kcals a day. Depending on your activity level of course. You may want to start out a little lower and mess with your macros every 2 weeks or so as you watch your weight and BF numbers move.


If you aren't going to carb cycle, I would suggest either a 50/30/20 or a 45/30/25. Something around there.