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4000 Calories In 5 Hours IF

I’m thinking of leaning out a bit while bulking I’m going to go back on DC Training as I realized I was doing a lot wrong on it…

I was planning on eating… 7am - 9am
1390 calories in 2 hours C:110g F:53g P:111g

Gym for an hour or two drinking 1630 calorie shake C:279g F:25g P:69g 9am - 11:30am

1000 calorie meal post workout
C:81g F:48g P: 53g 11:45am - 12.15pm

Total Macros:
4000 Calories

No eating from 12:15pm to 7am the next day…

Is this a well structured Intermittent Fast?

P.S. I figured out my stomach issues are to do with Low Stomach acid because when I supplemented with stomach acid pills the discomfort and reflux went away.

Stop trying weird shit and just eat properly.

You’re starting to get really annoying.


Why is Intermittent fasting wierd shit?

I tried the elimination diet also on the PN article, I don’t have a food allergy I have low stomach acid which causes all the indigestion and reflux, started with 3 a day now I hardly have to take 1.

I also just wanted to see if I’m planning this correct

If it’s annoying you don’t have to read it.

Are you doing this because you want to lean out while bulking up?


Absolutely, Just wanna lean out a little and get a bit more definition, I carry a bit of fat on my arms, back and legs.

It’s annoying because all of your threads have these retarded extremes, but I get it: you want to be big and strong and lean and you want it now.

I’ve been there - I’ve been the guy hitting up McDonalds after every workout to pummel down 8 billion calories to force some serious growth.

The problem is that these extreme approaches only work for the very, very genetically gifted, and if you were one of those guys then you wouldn’t be starting these threads.

Choking down 4000 calories in 5 hours will not lean you out. Far from it, and the stress on your already fragile (you already have gut issues! How retarded are you that you think this is a good idea?) digestive system is just going to lead to a lot of bloating and distension, at the very least.

Just eat well over the course of the whole day. Work out your macro and calorie targets and hit those consistently for the next 5 years. Forget about these extreme approaches. Consistency is key.

I know you’re not going to, and you’re going to try these retarded things anyway. Try and remember that the pursuit of getting big and muscular has been around a very long time, so we know what works. All these fancy gimmicks and diets that come out every now and then are not new, and the reason no one does them is because we already know what works the best.

Best of luck with it all.


It’s not really a retarded extreme I’ve eaten 6,000 a day before for an extended period of time.

It’s the same amount of food for my body to digest, Also I no longer have gut issues because I’ve found the root of the problem, I just take a stomach acid pill if I feel bad and I’m fine and my physique looks even better for it now so I’m sure it’s low stomach acid that is my issue.

And I don’t think Intermittent Fasting is bunk, It’s about leaning out over an extended course of time.

It’s also convenient for me as my college only give me 15 minute breaks, I’d love to make some PB snacks but my girlfriend is allergic lol.

I’m gonna have to echo Yogi on this one.

Like Yogi, relating to you, I’ve done the same thing. The only thing that happened was me trying to ease through the bloating and discomfort for the next handful of days as my body tried to sort out all the mass amounts of food I forced it to take in.

If you want to lean out while bulking up, cut those carbs in half, and add in CONTROLLED doses of protein in small waves throughout the day. Hop on the probiotic/fiber train as well. You’ve got GI issues as mentioned above as well. You’ve said you’ve seen progress with sorting that out, why irritate it all over again with a giant force feed? And throw in whatever portions of veggies you see fit. If you want to give yourself a “refeed” of sorts do so slowly and on training days. Before or after or both. And just do that for I don’t know…years? Like everything else, that’s something you work in, and work up to higher amounts of. If I’m not mistaken.

I’m not an expert, but I can guarantee you’re going to irritate something involving your insulin, and the only thing the IF is going to do is try to regulate your body back to where it was oringinally. All that food is going to send your insulin through the roof, but that giant spike is going to send you crashing down. Hard. Then you’re going to tack on an IF, and either come off of it extremely hungry in all the wrong ways, with the cravings to match, or your appetite along with your energy is going to be completely zapped, when that’s the time to still be eating at regular intervals. Like a two steps forward, 3 steps back type of thing. In other words, why put your body through all of that, if you don’t have to. I say this because I’ve also done it and wish I’d just ate a regular shmegular meal and kept going.

Yea it works for the top level guys, but as Yogi mentioned, their genetics, on top of years of just figuring stuff out allows them to benefit from doing things like this. I’m not trying to pick you apart either, but going from your profile picture, like me and many of the youngsters on here, you’ve still got plenty of time to reach your full capacity, and force feeding yourself might not be the best or even comfortable option.

I may be wrong. Maybe it’ll be a well needed pick-me-up, and it’ll help boost your training, and allow for your metabolism to become a bit more flexible, as well as your diet and overall nutrient consumption. But in case it’s not, perhaps just stick to a well structured diet according to your needs?

That’s all I’m saying.

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The title said “4,000 calories” then I opened the thread and literally the first thing I saw was “I’m trying to lean out.”



And bulk, I don’t mean go all out fat loss.

Just because you’ve done something more retarded doesn’t mean this isn’t retarded.

Yes but you aren’t giving yourself time for gastric emptying at all. Do you really need to have that explained to you? Eating a whole day’s worth of food in 5 hours is harder on the digestive tract than if it takes you all day. It is baffling that this is hard for you to grasp. Really very baffling.

Intermittent fasting is a lot of things. What intermittent fasting is not is a way of putting yourself into an extreme caloric surplus while still leaning out. Doesn’t work that way, otherwise we’d all be doing it. Again - we know what works so just do things the normal way.

Or not. You obviously have your heart set on always doing things weird which is fine. Eventually you’ll realise what an idiot you were/are and go back to doing things the old fashioned way, but that’s clearly a realisation you’ll have to make on your own and you won’t take any advice on the matter.

Best of luck with it all.


Well I gained 11lb from it and not much fat added 40kg to my Deadlift 60kg to my Squat in like 12 weeks.


1600+ calories while training?
Where will blood go? Working muscles or the stomach to aid digestion?
Bad idea IMO.

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I can’t even eat 4000 calories in a whole day. I have no idea how you expect to put that all in within 5 hours.

All personal conflicts between us aside, you have a lot more work and education to do before considering your part time supplement business if you don’t know basic nutrition.

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer so I have some idea.

Doesn’t Eddie Hall eat while training?

Incorrect. You wouldn’t be asking this question if you knew any better.


Yes because in personal training they tell you all about Intermittent Fasting?, No. They teach you about Nutrition + Anatomy and Physiology + Health and Safety, the rest is for you to decide, I’m mainly asking for others experiences with it, I’m old enough to make my own decisions in life.

Bro, if you knew anything about basic nutrition and experience with executing it, you’d have a general idea what 4000 calories looks like and how much you can eat in a given time frame.

I don’t think 4000 calories in a single meal is impossible, thats how you get the best return on investment at a buffet. But you expect to include training in that time frame??


Why don’t you take a loom at my thread again, I said 4000 calories in like 4-6 Hours.

If you take another look at my post you’d see I’ve included the gym and was just going to train with a shake at my side, I may even have half the shake while training and half after, that’s dependent on how I feel.

I read the post, I know what you’re saying. I was saying you can get 4000 in a single meal as in it’s realistic to eat that much in your time frame. But how do you feel after eating that much? and would you train?

I have no idea what you’re putting in this shake to make it 1600 calories, but I’m sure it’s not something most people would do while they train. Judging by those macros, it sounds like one of those nasty weight gainer shakes.