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400-Pound Man Runs LA Marathon



Why, just why?


probably just to prove to himself that he could.


For the Guiness World Record Holder HOEZZZ

He's not a true fatass though, he competes in sumo wrestling.


My sister was in that same marathon. She saw him, and said he was very large.


26 miles in almost 10 hours, I iz not impressed.


Pfft, you profile says you are 230lb. With a 170lb backup on you, how long do you think it would take you to run 26 miles?


Goddamn, what a bunch of haters.


I'll bet he cleaned out the local food court after he crossed the finish line.


The topic line says "Runs." His "marathon" took almost 10 hours. I'm confused.

Ha, with a guy that big, under 5 would have been remarkable. 7 would have been respectable. But 10?


Not trying to be a hater...I'm just saying....10 hours is a really long time.


10 hours isn't running its speed walking


For those of you who are giving shit about his time: what's your best marathon time?


Well, I guess this means we're all fortunate that he didn't do it for your approval, right?


My knees are aching just thinking about that punishment


I'm not giving hit shit, but running is a certain gate. He covered the distance, which is an accomplishment. But at that weight...its going to be harsh on his joints.

Never raced a marathon. My best 10 mile time is 62 minutes and change tho. Ive also done two miles in 10:40


2.6 miles per hour is not even speed walking, if you walked any slower you would grow roots


Yes, it is a very long time for a 400lb man to be moving about in shitty weather. Probably why some of us are giving the guy props.

Thanks for pointing that out. Exquisite yarn, good sir.


Didn't you read the article? I'm very proud of my ten hours.


Hey, good for him. I sure as hell would'nt want to walk/run/jog/sashay for 10 hours straight at my weight, no less 400 pounds.


haha, so true.

I've got tons of funny stories from my running days.

Retarded motherfuckers trying to do 5K's while doing dumbbell curls with 20lbers

Or bodybuilders crowding the starting line in local 5k races, sprinting a 100 yards and finishing dead last.. they even raced with their weight belts on