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400 or 500 Test?


ok, I know your initial thought is gonna be get more! BUT... if you really had to chose between a cycle of test cyp for 400 for 10 weeks or 500 for 8 weeks what would YOU do? I wish it was test E so it would kick in quicker but like I said if you only had 4000mgs of test AND thats it? thanks guys!


I would do the following:

Day 1: 600mg test cyp frontload (3ml @ 200mg/ml)
Wks 1-6: 150mg EOD (starting regular EOD dose 2nd day after fronload until end of 6 weeks)
Adex 0.25mg ED (adjust as needed)

Wks 9.5-12.5: Nolva PCT 40/40/20/20 (mg/d for respective weeks)

Frontload = 3 ml @ 200mg/ml
20 EOD doses over 6 weeks = 15ml @ 200mg/ml

Total cyp used = 18ml leaving 2ml (I assume you have 20ml total) for overfilled syringes, lost oil and screw ups.

I think a frontloaded 6 week cycle will give you more bang for your buck than a non front loaded 8 week cycle. Recovery should be a cinch too.

I recommended EOD cyp dosing for smooth blood levels.


Good advise dynamo
If you actually want to inject 200mg of drug into your body, you need to load up at least 1.1 ml of oil, that 0.1 is wasted in the dead space of your syringe and the oil that will leak out from the injection spot. If you do a non-front loaded 10 weeker, you will only get 360 of test -c actually injected into your body, 250 mg of test without ester, and that's not that much. It will take a good 4 weeks to build up, so you get a 6 week "cycle" out of it, with lower blood concertration, 12.5 weeks of suprsssion. Not very optimal is it?

I personally prefer clomid @ 25-50 , use HCG if avaliable ,and use AI during PCT . But that's your call


Whilst this is true - it also isnt relevant.

All the information that has been handed down the ages to tell us 500mg test/wk is a good starting off point is regardless of the ester. I mean to say the ester is included. It isnt 500mg of TNE (Test No Ester).. if it were we'd all be using a lot more gear than we do.

As dynamo said - frontload a 6 week cycle at 525mg/wk.
Also - FWIW - I ran a non-frontloaded 7 week cycle with cypionate for my first ever testosterone usage, and it got me 20lbs.

Good luck - you have enough IMO.