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400$ on Supps a Month - What Would You Buy?


so right out of basic I will have be making about 1600$ a month, and I figure since they are paying for food a quarter of that money could go torwards supps instead. so if you had 400$ a month to spend what would you buy and why?


Food - good diet. Whey, casein. Good multivitamin. & Anabolics.


I would never spend $400 a month on supplements.

Protein powder, fish oil, multi, digestive enzymes, and caffeine.


t booster
fish oil
Rhodiola Rosea
Spike tabs
multi vitamin.

Food also. I mean I consider cottage cheese, tuna, yogurt, bananas, apples, chicken, pbutter to be supplements.
I never used it but Superfood would be good to add.


Savings, retirement, and Surge.


Gear and fish oil


Yeah, cut the supplement budget back to $100 a month and save the rest.


the first two have already been calculated into this equation... I am extremely good with money, two cardinals rules I follow is pay yourself first and teat your body like a temple. hents the savings and the 400$ going towards supps.


Well, I really liked Alpha Male when I took that... it was one of the first supplements I've ever actually had noticeable effects from. I took it in conjunction with ZMA, ReceptorMax, and Carbolin 19 with great results.

Watch out for the Test boosters like Alpha Male, though, you WILL get horny as hell after taking for a while. Not that that's a bad thing.


$400 a month buys alot of supps. Why not just get some protein powder, creatine and maybe a multi or fish oil and save the rest? If you're eating big/well don't really see the need for much else.


How about not having fish oil capsules and having a serving of sardines, salmon, or trout a few times per week. That's one less expense.

How about 6 to 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day instead of of an MVI.

Whey protein powder for mid- and post-workout.

You need NOTHING else for regular functioning and performance.

Everything else are just add-ons for people who have the dough to splurge on them. Granted, some of them work. But I don't think they're worth it for those who lift recreationally and have a small to modest budget.

I do believe in treating the body before other things though (new clothing, eating out, luxuries). If you have your health, you can work hard and smart. If you do that, then you can have the goodies later.


Well put. I doubt he'll be listening though.


Yeah I think fish oil caps are cheaper per serving than cans of salmon and disgusting smelling sardines.
Don't be a cheap jew live it up and buy the fish oil and the conveneince of multi v's can't be beat. Um fruits and veggies are not that cheap anymore.


$400 a month is a waste of money unless by supplements, you mean gear (which is still a waste for most people).


Knock that budget down to about $150 and get some of the protein powder here, bottle of Flameout, and Superfood. Save the rest or put it towards something you probably haven't budgeted for yet.


I may or may not be developing a man crush on you, Brick. No homo, of course.


Neptune Krill Oil, and loads of bcaa's


for some reason my original post never showed up, so I'll reiterate what others have said.

There's no need to spend that much of supplements. 90% of supps are garbage anyway.

Protein powder, fish oil, a decent multi and creatine (for mass) or EC (for fat loss) are all you need.

maybe you should take the money you would've spent on horny goat weed or some other useless supplement and buy some books on personal finance...


With $400 a month, I would buy large amounts of steaks to keep in my freezer.


I would absolutely save as much as possible.